What should I know when moving in the summer?

It’s not hard to guess that summer is the busiest season for the moving industry – the 5 month period between May and September handles around 70% of all household moves in a calendar year. Yes, there are some good reasons why most people prefer to relocate during the summer months, but there are some clear advantages of moving locally or across the country anywhere between October and April too.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re contemplating a summer move:


The two main issues that you or/and your hired moving labor can face during the summer are dehydration and sunburn due to the sweltering heat and the intensive sunshine. Be sure to drink plenty of water and offer refreshments to your movers, as well as to wear suitable protection against the sunrays. Wear appropriate clothing on moving day – comfortable closed footwear with anti-slip soles and work gloves for an improved grip.

And yet, no matter how hot it gets during the summer period, the biggest advantage is that the roads are not covered by snow or ice and will not halt or endanger the entire moving process. And no frozen hands and feet either.

School year

Many families schedule summer moves simply because their children are out of school and the relocation will not prove to be as disruptive as it would be during the middle of the term. And when you move to a new city in a new state, one of your priorities is to find a reputable school for your kids.


The demand for professional relocation services is very high in the summer and therefore most moving companies will not usually be willing to offer better deals in order to attract more customers. In comparison, booking a move in the fall, winter or spring may allow you to negotiate up to 20% off the regular rates of most movers. Also, since their work schedules are extremely tight, it’s best to make a reservation early, preferably as soon as you know the moving date.


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