Bonus Moving Tips

Who doesn’t like bonuses?
These carefully selected ingenious bonus tips and tricks will help you accomplish more in less time, or in other words help you play a more efficient role in your own moving adventure.

Should I move to a small town?

Many dedicated big city dwellers can’t imagine living anywhere else even for a few days. Suggest to them that they should move to a small town and you will get to hear all sorts of priceless responses. Often, the biggest fear of a person who is used to a big city life is that moving

How to move in the winter?

Winter is all about reading a good book in front of a warm crackling fireplace with a glass of hot chocolate in one hand. Winter is all about polishing your favorite skis, engaging in thrilling snowball fights and making weird-looking snowmen with your kids. There are so many fun activities to enjoy during the cold

How to move house with a baby?

When a baby is born, your life acquires new meaning and your entire world takes different dimensions – the well-being of your precious little angel becomes your greatest concern and everything else seems to be of little significance. Thrilled by the arrival of the newest member of your family and busy tending to your baby’s

How to move with fish?

With an overwhelming number of tasks to complete before moving day arrives, the process of moving house is a challenge in itself even without having to tackle logistical issues with an increased level of difficulty, such moving pets across the country. All of your cutest pet companions /dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and fish/ are nothing

Is it safe to move house when pregnant?

The thrill of nurturing a new life cannot be compared to anything else in the world and should be rightfully deemed more important than any other current circumstances or imminent events. However, it is a proven fact that most pregnant women have a strong nesting instinct and desire to ensure a safe and comfortable home

How to prepare my car for shipping?

If you’re moving to another state and have decided to fly to your new destination instead of drive your own car, then your only viable option is to have your vehicle transported to your new home by a professional auto transportation company. Having already chosen a reputable car transportation company to take care of the

What are the most common moving scams?

If you hear the phrase “moving scam artists”, you might be bewildered as to where it comes from. Generally, the word “artists” refers to ingenious creators, insightful and imaginative people capable of beautiful designs, exquisite handiwork, revolutionary inventions or progressive ideas. However, you can often come across another kind of artists as well – ones

How to get my security deposit back?

Whether your rented property truly felt like home or you always thought of it just as temporary lodgings providing the shelter you need until you find your dream home, there will be one troublesome issue less to be anxious about when moving out – you won’t have to deal with the complicated process of selling

Why writing a moving review is a great idea

The need to share things with our fellows is one of the things that makes us genuinely human, and the good news is that the technology-filled times we currently live in have made sharing as easy as clicking a mouse button or tapping a touchscreen. From innovative ideas and valuable knowledge to delicious recipes or

Is it time to move in together?

If you have found the person who completes you and inspires you in every aspect of life, the exhilarating idea to move in together and unify your lives may be making you feel anxious and excited and confused at the same time. Moving together is a big step – there are so many things to

Is self-storage a bad investment?

Placing your household items in a self-storage facility can be a brilliant solution in a number of tough transitional situations when you need more space to temporarily store your possessions. The convenience behind the idea of self-storage is indisputable: it’s like having a resizable extra room in your home where you are free to keep

What if my movers break something?

The process of moving house is notorious for being a bit chaotic, and despite your desperate measures to run everything smoothly and keep it under control, unpleasant surprises tend to sneak in uninvited even after the moving day is over. When your household items are delivered to your new home, you may be unfortunate enough

Why are some things more difficult to move than others?

However focused and organized a person you may be, moving across county remains a tedious and difficult process for a number of reasons. Many of them are, of course, related to the time-consuming and nerve-racking plans and preparations required for a successful relocation but the tougher problems actually arise from the psychological aspect of the

How to say goodbye to my friends when moving?

However stressful and nerve-racking the process of moving house may be due to the great number of things you have to organize, the various issues to take care of and the difficult tasks to complete, there is one more really tough aspect of every move – saying goodbye to your old friends. You will stay

How to reduce stress when moving house

You’ve probably heard many times that moving is one of the most stressful events in one’s life. And while that statement is true in itself, moving house – the imminent change in a person’s life that often comes sooner than expected and desired – doesn’t have to be characterized by anxious and nervous moments. There

What not to forget when moving?

It’s easy to forget to do something during the hectic moving preparations. In fact, it’s so easy that most first-time movers, and even experienced people who are getting ready to move to another part of the country once more, simply forget to do some of the essential things that are meant be done when moving

Should I get moving insurance?

The organization of a relocation process is quite a complicated task and the moving preparations are tedious and exhausting indeed, but what matters the most, of course, is the successful end. When you finally find yourself in the new surroundings, you will need all your personal possessions in perfect condition so that you can make

How to avoid moving scams?

We all know that moving is a tough job. Every upcoming relocation throws us into a whirlwind of busy preparations where endless tasks just wait to be taken care of. Stress tends to be building up and up all the way until its nerve-wracking culmination (moving day) and also keeps a relatively high level until