Self Moving Tips for Do-It-Yourself Moves

If you’ve carefully weighed your options and have made the bold decision to move on your own, then you should know that it’ll be entirely up to you, and your friends, to pull it through. There are many things to be taken care of before you can call your self-moving adventure a success, such as quality packing supplies, moving equipment, renting a truck, moving labor, etc.
This special selection of DIY moving tips will help you take some of the enormous pressure off your shoulders and streamline the whole self-move at the same time.

How to move a pool table?

If you own a pool table at home, then you should consider yourself lucky. It’s just so exciting to be able to play a good game of pocket billiards, whenever you feel like it and as much as you want, for relaxation after work, for fun with friends during your days off work, or for

How to prepare for moving day?

The preparation for moving day is notorious for its palpable stress, hectic activities and somewhat characteristic moving day mistakes. Ideally, the relocation preparation should start the moment the residential move is confirmed and, under ideal conditions, it should end just before moving day itself knocks on your door. Now here comes the key element that

How to move my wine collection?

If 1) you happen to be a true wine enthusiast with your own proud wine collection, and 2) you’re about to move to another home, then it’s only natural that one of your first concerns will be the safe relocation of your wine. Similar to highly specialized household items such as a piano or a

How to get good deals on storage units?

There are numerous transitional moments in life where storage units prove to be extremely practical and helpful for people who find themselves on the move. From merging or splitting households, through downsizing, retirement and college, all the way to renovation projects and lengthy stays or travels overseas, a storage unit is just like having an

How to pack for a move quickly?

Packing for a move is unlike any other pre-move task you will ever have the pleasure of bumping into because it doesn’t really feel like a job you can simply cross out as completed in your moving calendar. The process of packing is an entire process, which for the purpose of convenience, can be even

What costly self-move mistakes to avoid?

Organizing and performing a DIY move to another home will always be (a bit) riskier than letting a professional moving company take the heavy burden off your back (figuratively and literally speaking too). When the cardboard dust settles, it’s all about the insufficient relocation experience, or its complete lack thereof, that can easily cause you

How to organize an eco-friendly move?

An impending house move tends to steal the spotlight from all other current activities, urgent and not so urgent, and craves for proper attention from Day 1. As a result, it is of little wonder that the majority of house movers don’t really think about how moving affects the environment, and in particular – how

How to save money after moving out?

It’s hardly a surprise that most home movers are very interested in learning how to save money when moving across country. After all, the process of moving house is notorious for being too expensive as it is, so any good advice on how to lower the relocation costs is always more than welcome. Of course,

How to pack a bedroom for moving?

If you’re moving soon to another home, then you’re probably thinking about how to best organize your move from start to finish in terms of packing and protecting your household items. Besides using great packing advice to get 100% ready for your Moving day, you should be well familiar with what room to pack first

How to pack glasses for moving?

If you’ve already started the packing marathon as a result of an impending house move, then sooner or later you’ll move the packing action into your kitchen. Now, packing up a kitchen is very different from let’s say, packing your bedroom all because of the overwhelming number of kitchenware skillfully hidden in endless cupboards, drawers

How to use pods for moving?

One of the very first and most important decisions to make when planning a residential move is to choose an appropriate method of moving your household across the country. Solving the ultimate dilemma “hiring professional movers vs. self-moving” may prove to be quite a challenge as both options have considerable advantages and disadvantages in terms

What packing materials for moving do I already own?

It’s easy to figure out that the process of packing up your home for a move cannot be completed without necessary packing materials. You probably know from personal experience how important packing supplies for moving are while you’re desperately trying to sort out and protect your prized household possessions on the road to your new

How to unload a moving truck?

The majority of DIY home movers are really interested in knowing how to properly load their rented moving vehicles so that the entire storage space is utilized in the best possible way. The main concern for families who have decided to move on their own still remains the danger of choosing a moving truck with

How to start packing to move out?

Moving is an entire process with a definite beginning and a definite end (hopefully), and if you haven’t realized that fact yet, you will soon do so. Following the footsteps of the most elaborate and time-consuming processes found in life, the challenging task of moving from one home to another consists of numerous subtasks which