Pre-Move Tips

The preparation stage of a move is often the period that predetermines whether a relocation experience will end up being an outright success or not. The moving preparation is all about careful planning and impeccable organization. It is also the time when clever moves are rewarded greatly, while wrong steps could cost you dearly.
Follow these great Pre-move tips for a much better relocation experience.

How to say goodbye to my friends when moving?

However stressful and nerve-racking the process of moving house may be due to the great number of things you have to organize, the various issues to take care of and the difficult tasks to complete, there is one more really tough aspect of every move – saying goodbye to your old friends. You will stay

How do I organize my move?

There is only one superpower that can help you turn the hectic and troublesome moving preparations into a logical and efficient process. It is neither your supernatural telekinetic abilities nor Superman that will save Moving day – only good organization can throw you a lifeline amidst all the stress and chaos. Here are some organizing

How to move out of my parents’ house?

Whether your life at your family’s home has been a peaceful and happy harmony of mutual love and respect between you and your parents or a constant struggle with them because you failed to meet their expectations and they failed to encourage you in your own chosen path, there comes the moment to move out

Is it time to move out?

Moving is an adventure you should set out on when you feel the need for a change and development. If you feel constantly dissatisfied with your everyday life, your job, your surroundings and the people around you, or if you get angry and upset too often and for no good reasons, this probably means that

What items to move myself?

Most of your household items are just objects designed to make your life easier and more comfortable. So, when the moment comes to move your home, all these belongings just go in boxes and into the moving truck. If you choose to hire experienced services for your relocation, you will save yourself a lot of

What questions to ask movers?

If you’re moving for the first time or have little experience in moving house, you may have heard nightmarish relocation stories of dishonest movers wreaking havoc right and left, so it’s perfectly understandable that you proceed to choose your relocation service provider with extra caution. And while you’re shopping for a moving company to take

How to survive a last minute move?

Careful planning is the key to success for every difficult and time-consuming task, but it is of ultimate importance when it comes to relocation. Having enough time to analyze your options, to research the possibilities, choose the best offer, pack carefully and monitor your move to the last detail is crucial for a smooth and

How to declutter my home before moving?

Without a doubt, you have accumulated a lot of stuff throughout the years in the home you are about to leave. During the organization stage, you need to quickly mobilize your energy and focus in order to be able to sort and pack all your items properly. Since packing is definitely the most time-consuming and

How to choose your new neighborhood?

Here are the top 5 things you need to scout before you decide on a neighborhood. Prices First, check property prices in the neighborhoods you are considering. Real estate experts advise that your monthly rental bill shouldn’t exceed 30 % of your income. Real estate prices can be a great indicator of the prices of

What to do 2 weeks before Moving Day?

Reconfirm the professional moving service If you’ve hired the professional services of a reliable moving company, 2 weeks before moving day is about the perfect time to call your movers to check if things are going according to plan. Chances are that they are, but you never know until you make that reassuring phone call

What to do 4 weeks before Moving Day?

Begin packing This is the right time to start packing for moving out of your current home. If you’re packing on your own, make sure you have enough packing supplies, such as moving boxes in good condition, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, filling materials, etc. Running out of packing materials in the middle of