What items not to pack for moving?

Yes, there are specific household items that you should not pack because your movers will not transport them due to a number of safety reasons. Each moving company has such a non-allowable list that you are advised to request before you begin packing your possessions, but generally speaking, all of those prohibited items fall into 4 major categories:

Hazardous materials

These are any flammable, corrosive and/or explosive materials that may pose a serious threat to the people involved in the moving job or to any parts of their property. Such hazardous goods include: aerosol cans, motor oils, gasoline/kerosene, chemicals, pesticides, cleaning supplies, paints and thinners, weapons and ammunition, etc. Try to use them up before Moving day or relocate them on your own with your vehicle if you’re moving locally. If you’re doing a long distance move, then their transportation will probably be highly impractical, so consider properly disposing of your dangerous goods or giving them away to friends, family or neighbors.

Perishable food

Perishables go bad, attract insects and can damage your or your movers’ property. To avoid such unpleasant occurrences, make sure you have used up your food supplies several days before Moving day. Also, you should empty and clean up your fridge or freezer at least one full day before it gets adequately packed for transportation and loaded onto the moving vehicle. If you still have plenty of food when the time to move out has come, then consider donating it to food banks.

Pets and plants

Think of alternative ways of relocating don’t forget about the special preparation steps so that your dear pets and precious plants reach their destination safe and sound. Learn more about what you’re required to do by following the appropriate links in the previous sentence.


Some possessions are very expensive while others are simply irreplaceable. Therefore, do everything in your power to have the items of great monetary or sentimental value by your side before, during and after the move. Such items may include, but are not limited to: important documents, cash, bank cards, tickets, keys, medication, jewelry, photos, electronic gadgets, etc.your pets and plants to your new home because your moving company is not allowed to do it for you. The air inside a moving truck trailer is not suitable for breathing and the temperature can quickly rise to extreme values, so the best option is to arrange their safe transportation method. Also, don’t forget about the special preparation steps so that your dear pets and precious plants reach their destination safe and sound.

Of course, it is always possible that there are some other special items or other things that will not be allowed by your particular moving company in the moving truck. Ask your mover in advance about what things not to pack when moving.

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