How to move a pool table?

If you own a pool table at home, then you should consider yourself lucky. It’s just so exciting to be able to play a good game of pocket billiards, whenever you feel like it and as much as you want, for relaxation after work, for fun with friends during your days off work, or for

How to save time when moving?

How you spend your time is how you spend your life. If you are wasting time, you are wasting opportunities. If you are saving time, you are saving yourself a lot of stress and trouble down the road. Whatever you think of it, it’s entirely up to you to make the most out of your

How to move during peak moving season?

When too many people choose the same time-period and the same approach to perform a certain activity, there is probably a good reason behind it. The chosen period will be, without a doubt, the most appropriate moment for undertaking such an activity and the chosen method will be the one that yields the best possible

What to pack in an open-first box?

Once the last of the moving boxes is loaded onto the truck and the movers disappear into the distance with all your earthly possessions, you will probably feel exhausted and downhearted. Bereft of any household conveniences, you may find it difficult to relax and regain your energy and optimism after the arduous moving preparations and

How to prepare for moving day?

The preparation for moving day is notorious for its palpable stress, hectic activities and somewhat characteristic moving day mistakes. Ideally, the relocation preparation should start the moment the residential move is confirmed and, under ideal conditions, it should end just before moving day itself knocks on your door. Now here comes the key element that

How to pack toys for moving?

Playthings’ primary purpose is to entertain, to keep young kids happy and occupied. Yet, as a parent, you certainly know well enough that there is much more to toys: # they help develop children’s imagination and creativity # they stimulate artistic and cognitive skills # they help kids better envisage and understand the world #

How to move my wine collection?

If 1) you happen to be a true wine enthusiast with your own proud wine collection, and 2) you’re about to move to another home, then it’s only natural that one of your first concerns will be the safe relocation of your wine. Similar to highly specialized household items such as a piano or a

How to pack furniture for moving?

It’s no secret that packing is the most laborious, time-consuming, and challenging moving task of them all. However, packing is quite a general term – packing books, for example, is a completely different experience from packing glasses, or pictures, or electronics, etc. So, when it comes to packing rules and strategies, it is the type

Should I hire professional packers?

It is a fact that the notorious process of moving house is full of important tasks to tackle in order to get ready for, and survive, the most stressful day during a household relocation. And all of those move-related jobs must be, of course, neatly arranged in your calendar in a perfectly logical and chronological

How to get good deals on storage units?

There are numerous transitional moments in life where storage units prove to be extremely practical and helpful for people who find themselves on the move. From merging or splitting households, through downsizing, retirement and college, all the way to renovation projects and lengthy stays or travels overseas, a storage unit is just like having an

How to make friends in a new city?

So, your residential move is finally over, your initial anxiety has slowly faded away, and all the urgent post-relocation tasks have been taken care of. Yet, instead of feeling relieved and satisfied with a job well done, you may be suddenly overwhelmed with pessimism and gloom. The hectic moving-related activities that had kept you busy

What to pack first when moving house?

Moving to a new place is usually seen as a new beginning, a chance for a fresh start, a new page in life… However symbolical the moving process may be, though, in fact it is just a sequence of actions that result in the relocation of your belongings from one place to another. So, while

How to move house with toddlers?

Having provided you with some excellent advice on how to move house with a baby, it’s time to shed some light on the major challenges when moving with toddlers. It’s not a secret that a house move can be really tough to schedule, organize and pull off no matter how you look at it. But

How to move out quickly?

Preferably, residential moves are carefully planned years or at least months in advance and the people facing the scheduled relocation have ample time to take care of all important tasks one by one, and thus organize a perfectly trouble-free move. And, of course, the more time there is for organizing all the little details of

How to deduct moving expenses on tax return?

It is no secret that moving house is quite a difficult, laborious, time-consuming and nerve-racking process. Even worse – not only is it emotionally-draining, but it is financially-draining as well. So, by the time you find yourself in your new home, your bank account may as well be depleted and your pockets – empty. Under

How to pack for a move quickly?

Packing for a move is unlike any other pre-move task you will ever have the pleasure of bumping into because it doesn’t really feel like a job you can simply cross out as completed in your moving calendar. The process of packing is an entire process, which for the purpose of convenience, can be even