How to declutter my home before moving?

Without a doubt, you have accumulated a lot of stuff throughout the years in the home you are about to leave. During the organization stage, you need to quickly mobilize your energy and focus in order to be able to sort and pack all your items properly. Since packing is definitely the most time-consuming and tedious task to complete, you should start it as early as possible. It is only logical to begin with the possessions you need the least. And here comes the tough decision – can you afford to (and do you want to) move all those little needed belongings to your future home? The more items you intend to relocate, the more time and efforts you will have to spend, and the more money it is going to cost you. So, look carefully through all your possessions and weigh in their value.

Discard the clutter – everything you don’t really need:

Anything Safely Put In Boxes

All items stored in boxes are there for a reason. Either you use them on rare occasions or you simply don’t like them. While it is really hard to discard a present from your mother, for example, even if you will never utilize it, maybe it will be better to donate it to someone who will benefit from it instead of hiding it some place safe. And while it is convenient to have anything potentially necessary in hand, an item used once a year may not be worth keeping it. There is a good chance you have even forgotten what exactly is stored inside a certain box. So, carefully check the contents of each dusty container in your home and decide their fates accordingly.

Outdated Items

These are the items which served you well once but for some reason are no longer applicable. The following are typical examples of outdated belongings which you should get rid of simply because you will never again use them:

  • Clothes and shoes which are out of fashion. If a specific item is still in a good condition and is really comfortable, you can consider preserving it. You may wear it on informal occasions or when comfort matters more than trendy looks. Out-of-size garments should also be let go – donate them to charity if they are rarely put on but still look good;
  • Old electronic devices. In our technologically advanced era, smartphones, cameras and the like get outdated even before you buy them. So, no point in moving your heavy old TV into your new home – you can purchase a modern plasma LCD once you have settled in;
  • Old documents. Receipts or warranties which are no longer valid deserve no further attention – just discard them properly for your own identity protection;
  • Expired medicines and cosmetic products. Those could be dangerous for your health, so check them thoroughly and only take the safe ones.

Broken Or Damaged Furniture And Appliances

What is the chance you will ever have the old chair legs restored – the ones your puppy chewed two years ago? Probably you don’t even believe that you will ever repair a gadget that remained broken for a year or so in your old home. So, why bother moving it?

Piles Of Old Newspapers And Magazines, Comic Books And Posters, CDs And DVDs

The once helpful information, interesting news or funny stories will hardly ever be read again; and the music or movies you liked as a teen stand almost no chance to be still your favorite; so just discard the heavy papers and fragile disks (unless, of course, you possess a collection of rare National Geographic editions, or original manga books, or the complete works of someone famous).

Souvenirs, Gifts And Others

Whatever is kept only out of respect for the person who has given it to you or just served as a memory-tag for a specific place or event, is usually of no practical use. Do not burden yourself with moving it, unless it has sentimental value for you, for it will classify the objects in a different category.

Be smart and practical – move only the items that you need and like! Classify all your belongings according to their value and declutter your home before moving day to save precious time and money.

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