What not to forget when moving?

It’s easy to forget to do something during the hectic moving preparations. In fact, it’s so easy that most first-time movers, and even experienced people who are getting ready to move to another part of the country once more, simply forget to do some of the essential things that are meant be done when moving house. The reasons for that failure to think of those important moving tasks in time can be different in each relocation case – from an incomplete moving calendar through bad relocation organization to mere absent-mindedness.

And while it’s perfectly understandable to forget to do a thing or two before the move (after all, your thoughts are probably racing through your mind like race cars on a NASCAR track), it surely is not advisable.

Here are some of the most typical things people forget to do when moving house.

Schedule the move right

If you have the liberty to choose your moving day, then you should take advantage of that unique opportunity and schedule your relocation date prudently. Because the summer period (May – September) is the high moving season, the demand for professional moving services reaches its peak then and most movers won’t be willing to prepare customer-friendly moving quotes or offer sweet price discounts. In comparison, a move scheduled during the off-season may lower the overall price by up to 20%, or even more. Similarly, if you have any flexibility at all, book your move on a weekday (rather than the weekend) somewhere in the middle of a month (rather than the month’s beginning and end).

Change address and cancel subscriptions

Don’t forget to change your address with the postal services and to cancel any subscriptions you may currently enjoy – newspapers, magazines, home delivery services and so on. Since you’re moving to an entirely new address, ask the new owners (if you’ve sold your property) or your landlord (if you’re moving out of a rented house or apartment) to forward your mail until the address change kicks in. Of course, the above request should be accompanied with some money to cover the mail forwarding expenses.

Notify institutions and friends

This is an important step that you might forget to do when moving. Nowadays, with the boom of social networks, the process of informing your circle of friends is a piece of cake and only takes a few minutes of your time (as well as and a few mouse clicks). Simply post “I’m moving!” or “I just moved!” in your preferred network and you’re done. Important institutions should also be notified of your upcoming or recent relocation – contact banks, membership clubs, schools, the offices of your family physician and vet, and other organizations that you think should know of the change.

Disconnect and reconnect utilities

Properly disconnecting the utilities at your old home and then connecting them back on at your new residence is one of the essential things not to forget when moving. Moving experts recommend that you should schedule to turn off your old utilities 2-3 days after you leave the property and arrange to have electricity, water, Internet, phone service, cable TV, etc. at your new home roughly 2 to 3 days before Moving day. Just do not forget to get in touch with the respective service providers on time unless you’re willing to experience the unique thrill of unpacking in the dark.

Pack an essentials box

When packing your household goods for transportation, remember to pack a box or two of absolute essentials that will help you survive the last day at your old home or the first one at your new one. While your household goods are in transit, you won’t have access to the possessions you use on a daily basis and take for granted, so such an essentials box will enable you to make it until your items are delivered. Consider packing the following useful items in your survival kit: prescription medication, non-perishable food, kitchen utensils, a spare change of clothes, a towel, a blanket, a set of basic tools, etc.

Label the packed boxes

Another thing that people often forget to do before a move is to follow one of the best tips on moving – to label their packed boxes properly. It usually happens to first-time movers who either forget to do it or think that the labeling process is only a waste of time. Experienced movers know just how important labeling is simply because it speeds up the unpacking process significantly. So, if you don’t want to lose plenty of time later on, take a black marker pen now and write the content, the destination room and the special handling instructions (if any) on at least two sides of each packed box.

Now that you know what things you should not forget when moving, your move will surely be significantly smoother and more headache-free than ever.

Oh, one more thing: don’t forget the keys for your new home!

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