Bonus Moving Tips

Who doesn’t like bonuses?
These carefully selected ingenious bonus tips and tricks will help you accomplish more in less time, or in other words help you play a more efficient role in your own moving adventure.

How do relocation packages work?

Every single year millions of people in the United States relocate for work – companies hire new employees from out of the area, current employees are sent on long-term assignments in distant cities, staff members are transferred to branch offices across the country, etc. The prospect of moving for a new position, however, is rather

How to save money after moving out?

It’s hardly a surprise that most home movers are very interested in learning how to save money when moving across country. After all, the process of moving house is notorious for being too expensive as it is, so any good advice on how to lower the relocation costs is always more than welcome. Of course,

How moving affects children?

Obviously, moving house is a life-changing event. Your entire world will take different dimensions as you find yourself in different surroundings surrounded by different people with a different lifestyle and different points of view. Whether you like it or not, this completely new environment will affect you in many ways, changing you forever. It’s no

When is the best time to move house?

So, it’s a fact – a house move will shortly be upon you. For one reason or another /see below/, very soon you will need to initiate the required preparations that prelude what is often considered to be one of life’s most stressful events. Of course, one of your first priorities during the preparation period

How to prepare for moving abroad?

Whether you have found your true love halfway around the world, or some really promising job opportunities in a foreign country, a perfect retirement destination overseas, or an educational facility that offers great possibilities in your chosen area of studies, moving abroad is a huge step in your life that requires lots of careful planning

What are the hidden costs of moving house?

Which statement about moving to another home have you heard more often: Moving is stressful or Moving is expensive? And do you think one is truer than the other? Interestingly enough, your answer can’t possibly be wrong simply because residential moves are notorious for being stressful AND expensive at the same time. But add a

How to use pods for moving?

One of the very first and most important decisions to make when planning a residential move is to choose an appropriate method of moving your household across the country. Solving the ultimate dilemma “hiring professional movers vs. self-moving” may prove to be quite a challenge as both options have considerable advantages and disadvantages in terms

What to do after moving to a new state?

Moving house was never meant to be easy. The process of moving to another state is filled with so many moving related tasks to take care of and so many key decisions to make that home movers often feel overwhelmed by the complexity of it all. If you’re one of the millions of people who

How to move with a teenager?

No matter what the particular issue is, dealing with teenagers is always a challenge. Angry retorts, slammed doors, vows of silence, and even threats to move out are common reactions among teens whenever things don’t go according to their plans or wishes, as well as every time you raise a sensitive topic or try lecturing

Why do people move abroad?

As the world has become more open in terms of travel options and relocation possibilities during the last several decades, people have become more open-minded and more eager to explore new opportunities, to delve into different cultures and different lifestyles, to brave the unfamiliar and to broaden their horizons. This passion for knowledge, freedom, adventures

What makes moving so stressful?

The process of moving house is notorious for being one of the most stressful events in life. You may have heard of or read about dreadful moving experiences and moving horror stories that involve moving scams, serious accidents, relocation depression and so on. And indeed, there are so many financially and emotionally draining moving mistakes

How will bad weather affect my move?

Weather is one thing we humans can’t really control. We do try to predict what the climatic conditions will be in the near future so that we prepare for its whims and act accordingly, but there’s not much we can do when Mother Nature gets furious for whatever known or unknown reason and decides to

How to make my move easier?

“How to make a move easier?” Not surprisingly, this is an essential question whose elusive answer is sought by many a home movers in the course of their house moves. And as far as preoccupation percentage goes, “How to make my move easier?” is probably the second most common conundrum after the indisputable winner “How

Should I move to a small town?

Many dedicated big city dwellers can’t imagine living anywhere else even for a few days. Suggest to them that they should move to a small town and you will get to hear all sorts of priceless responses. Often, the biggest fear of a person who is used to a big city life is that moving

How to move in the winter?

Winter is all about reading a good book in front of a warm crackling fireplace with a glass of hot chocolate in one hand. Winter is all about polishing your favorite skis, engaging in thrilling snowball fights and making weird-looking snowmen with your kids. There are so many fun activities to enjoy during the cold

How to move house with a baby?

When a baby is born, your life acquires new meaning and your entire world takes different dimensions – the well-being of your precious little angel becomes your greatest concern and everything else seems to be of little significance. Thrilled by the arrival of the newest member of your family and busy tending to your baby’s