Costs Saving Moving Tips

Most often it all comes down to this simple yet major question: “How much will this move cost me?” It is the question that makes or breaks the relocation deal, isn’t it?
And while it is no secret that moving is not budget-friendly and a careless move could really drain your savings, there are plenty of things you can do to cut down your overall moving expenses. We have selected the best cost-saving moving and relocation tips to help you save on your frugal move.

Are movers expensive?

Everybody knows that moving is an expensive affair. And yet, most people don’t give it another thought until the moment when they are faced with a move themselves. Only then does a number of essential questions, such as “How expensive is it to hire movers?” and “How much do professional movers charge?” flood the minds

How to get free moving quotes?

The instant your move becomes only a matter of time, there is one question that you’ll probably start asking yourself more than all other questions combined: How much will my move cost? And naturally, you’d be right to be interested in finding its satisfactory answer. Learning the exact final relocation price of a move in

Why should you request the mover’s tariff?

The mover’s tariff contains rates, rules and regulations. Movers are by law required to furnish a tariff, which must contain an accurate description of company’s services, the specific applicable charges and service terms for the services that the mover offer. You should acquaint yourself with those rules in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises on moving

How to rent a moving truck for cheap

There are many moving truck providers you can choose from when deciding to move your furniture by yourself. First you need to determine what kind of truck rental service you will require. Most truck rental companies provide one way rentals or round trip rental services. Usually one-way truck rentals are more expensive and you cannot

Request in-house written estimates

It is of paramount importance to know in advance how much the moving company will charge you for the moving job. Cost estimates over the phone or email are non-binding and almost always end up being inaccurate. This is why it is strongly recommended that you request an in-house written estimate from your selected mover.