Pre-Move Tips

The preparation stage of a move is often the period that predetermines whether a relocation experience will end up being an outright success or not. The moving preparation is all about careful planning and impeccable organization. It is also the time when clever moves are rewarded greatly, while wrong steps could cost you dearly.
Follow these great Pre-move tips for a much better relocation experience.

What packing materials for moving do I already own?

It’s easy to figure out that the process of packing up your home for a move cannot be completed without necessary packing materials. You probably know from personal experience how important packing supplies for moving are while you’re desperately trying to sort out and protect your prized household possessions on the road to your new

Why do people move abroad?

As the world has become more open in terms of travel options and relocation possibilities during the last several decades, people have become more open-minded and more eager to explore new opportunities, to delve into different cultures and different lifestyles, to brave the unfamiliar and to broaden their horizons. This passion for knowledge, freedom, adventures

How to start packing to move out?

Moving is an entire process with a definite beginning and a definite end (hopefully), and if you haven’t realized that fact yet, you will soon do so. Following the footsteps of the most elaborate and time-consuming processes found in life, the challenging task of moving from one home to another consists of numerous subtasks which

How to pack plates for moving?

Have you started packing up your home for a move yet? The minute you get to packing your kitchen (hopefully still a good number of days before moving day), you are expected to know how to pack plates for moving. That is, know how to pack dishes safely, not just stuff them inside randomly chosen

How to pack pictures for a move?

It should come as no surprise that most home movers get down with the notoriously contagious packing fever as soon as their moving dates are confirmed. Unlike any other moving task during the organization stage prior to Moving day, packing up a home for a move should be viewed as an entire process that should

How to make my move easier?

“How to make a move easier?” Not surprisingly, this is an essential question whose elusive answer is sought by many a home movers in the course of their house moves. And as far as preoccupation percentage goes, “How to make my move easier?” is probably the second most common conundrum after the indisputable winner “How

Should I move to a small town?

Many dedicated big city dwellers can’t imagine living anywhere else even for a few days. Suggest to them that they should move to a small town and you will get to hear all sorts of priceless responses. Often, the biggest fear of a person who is used to a big city life is that moving

How to move in the winter?

Winter is all about reading a good book in front of a warm crackling fireplace with a glass of hot chocolate in one hand. Winter is all about polishing your favorite skis, engaging in thrilling snowball fights and making weird-looking snowmen with your kids. There are so many fun activities to enjoy during the cold

How to make a moving inventory?

If you are about to embark on a moving adventure anytime soon, you will need a coherent strategy more than anything else in order to achieve a favorable outcome. As with any other adventure, careful planning and proper preparations are key to a successful and trouble-free experience. So, you’d better roll up your sleeves and

How to move a piano by myself?

Saying that moving a piano is difficult and dangerous doesn’t only sound like stating the obvious – it is also a gross understatement. In reality, only the people who have actual piano moving experience know the true nature of the mammoth challenge ahead. Moving a piano long distance or even locally is never a joke,

Why should I hire professional movers?

It’s no wonder that the DIY concept has been gaining greater and greater popularity in our contemporary self-reliant world. This proactive approach to dealing with all aspects of life results in a gratifying sense of self-confidence, independence and resourcefulness. However, when inexperienced people try to manage on their own regardless of the complexity of the

How to pack clothes for moving?

You should know by now that packing up your house for a move is the task that will definitely take up the biggest chunk of your pre-move time. Even within the various packing projects that lie ahead of you, you will quickly learn that there’s a huge difference between packing your garage /with all its

How to move with fish?

With an overwhelming number of tasks to complete before moving day arrives, the process of moving house is a challenge in itself even without having to tackle logistical issues with an increased level of difficulty, such moving pets across the country. All of your cutest pet companions /dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and fish/ are nothing