How to make my move easier?

“How to make a move easier?”

Not surprisingly, this is an essential question whose elusive answer is sought by many a home movers in the course of their house moves. And as far as preoccupation percentage goes, “How to make my move easier?” is probably the second most common conundrum after the indisputable winner How to make my move cheaper?.

In fact, a number of genuine attempts to make your move easier on yourself can be a bit tricky as the concept of easy is different for different people. For example, you may find out that sorting through and packing up your books for a move has cost you an extraordinary amount of pre-move time and packing efforts because of your extensive and valuable book collection. For another home mover though, the process of packing up their share of reads can be over in around 10 minutes and will result in no more than two medium sized book-filled moving containers.

But even though no two house moves are exactly the same, there are a few time-tested ways to make moving easier in general and save you precious TMN (time, money and nerves).

6 great tips for an easy move? Bring them on!

Become a happy spectator of your own move

Are you looking for the easiest way to organize and execute a residential move to another home? If you are, then you should know that that way is usually the priciest one of them all. Going for a full-service move will leave you with little guesswork and will effectively transfer most of your tougher pre-move tasks to qualified professionals who know exactly what, when and how to do what they do best.

In fact, becoming a mere spectator of your own relocation scenario will give you enough time and peace of mind to tend to other equally important aspects of a house move such as caring for small kids and pets, saying goodbye to close friends and favorite neighbors, and even getting in the right mental state for the next chapter in your life.

Get a price quote from a reputable local or cross country mover and see whether you can afford to make your move easier by taking it easy.

Create a moving calendar

A moving calendar is basically a detailed and highly customized to-do list that is able to double (at least!) the overall efficiency of your relocation organization. Thanks to your carefully planned moving timeline, you can forget about randomly starting a moving task, then deciding to jump to another job before completing the initial one. Have in mind that disorganization is the number one time waster when getting ready to move house.

Making a move easier is all about setting right the priorities surrounding your own preparations for the big change ahead. Distribute all the essential tasks you need to take care of within the time frame until Moving day, assign them proper priority status and set approximate deadlines to discourage any procrastination attempts on your part.

Take fewer items to your new home

According to the eccentric logic of a house move, one of the best tips for making a move easier is to move only the household items and personal possessions you will need in the future. Viewed from another angle, your upcoming relocation gives you a great chance to get rid of all no longer needed belongings and begin your new life chapter surrounded by nothing but highly practical, valuable and sentimental objects.

It’s easy to figure out that the fewer items you have for shipment, the less time you will spend on packing them and the less money you will spend on transporting them. So, go to each room and start the sorting process as early in your preparation stage as possible. Keep? Give away? Donate? Recycle? Throw away? Get mentally ready for some tough decisions.

Learn to be a strategic packer

Start placing your earthly possessions into moving boxes and all of a sudden, you’ll be desperate to find good ways to make moving easier. This is so due to the fact that packing up an entire home for a move is the most time-consuming and laborious task you will probably face when moving from one house to another.

The answer is simple: you need a working packing strategy. To make your move easy, become the strategic packer you’ve always wanted to be:

  • Start packing as early as the move is confirmed;
  • Pack a specific number of boxes each single day instead of relying on exhausting packing marathons;
  • Begin packing from your storage areas and the rooms you use less frequently;
  • Observe all safety packing techniques you are familiar with and don’t skimp on quality packing materials, especially bubble wrap and packing paper.

Use the strength of moving equipment

Nothing makes a move easier and lighter than the use of proper moving equipment. Moving house is often associated with loads of heavy lifting but even one single appliance dolly will surely make things as safe and effortless as they can ever get. Depending on the type of your move and the relocation frequency factor, you can either rent the indispensable two-wheeled assistant from a local moving company or even purchase it to make your future moves even easier.

While a utility dolly will make moving easier on your back, legs and arms, the well-known blue moving blankets will provide the best possible degree of protection for the belongings you’re taking with you AND the property you’re leaving behind. Also, to make your move even easier, consider taking advantage of the sliding power of furniture pads and the securing abilities of moving straps.

Find as many moving helpers as possible

You’re probably well familiar with the saying that many hands make light work. However, when it comes to moving to another home, this piece of folk wisdom becomes your lifeline and your best chance of reaching a successful end to your moving adventure.

  • Seek professional moving assistance if you’ve come to the conclusion that you won’t be able to pull it off by yourself for one reason or another. Besides being the easiest way to move, contacting affordable movers can also easily turn out to be the cheaper relocation option as well, especially if you’re facing a long distance move across the country.
  • Reach out to your good friends if you think you can manage a Do-It-Yourself move without the pros. Request their invaluable help as early as possible to minimize the disruption of their own schedules, distribute the moving tasks in relation to each helper’s strengths and weaknesses, and think of creative ways to show your gratitude after the move is over.
  • How to make your move easier? Take advantage of the Digital Age we’re living in and get the high-tech assistance you deserve. Take a look at the Top 3 FREE moving organization apps as of today and turn your preferred mobile device into a powerful organization tool without spending a single penny.

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