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Real-time phone verification – say goodbye to missing or disconnected phone numbers

There is a reason why you should purchase moving leads from Moving.Tips – each of our moving leads is being validated real-time. Using the services of Real Validation, we filter disconnected or missing phone numbers, and provide you only with phone-verified moving leads for your company.

Additionally, this trusted verification process ensures TCPA regulations compliance, protecting you from penalties and fines.
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Less competition means more business for you

Unlike other moving leads providers, our top priority is to bring you more business. Now it’s easier than ever to convert our quality moving leads with less competition – moving leads are shared between 4 movers or less (actually it’s very likely to have some leads sent to you exclusively!).

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Now you get even more with our quality leads for movers

Yes, it’s hard to believe but there are even more advantages of buying moving leads from a reputable moving provider. Remember, our business is to bring you more business.

Here are just some of the additional moving leads benefits:

  • Return bad leads instantly without paying anything.
  • Easily filter moving leads to get only what you truly need.
  • Set monthly or daily moving leads caps to stick to your budget.
  • Receive moving leads instantly to your system or email.
  • Track your performance by generating extensive reports.
  • Control all of this in your own free moving leads account.

That’s wonderful! I need moving leads, which convert. What about integration?

It is very important for you to receive leads in your current system. Fortunately, we have made it extremely easy to import the moving leads to popular moving company software like Movegistics, Dr. Mover, Granot, MoverworX, The Moving Software and a lot more. Using a different platform? No worries, our professional developers will handle the integration without a hassle. If you are a small moving company it’s also fine, you can receive leads directly to your e-mail.

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As you already found out, we sell high-quality, validated and verified moving leads for moving companies – ready for you to convert into customers. You get relocation leads from the best, most popular moving websites –,, and more. Also, you can check out the quote form we use on our website to generate leads.


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