7 moving safety tips everyone must know

If you choose to move house without hiring the services of a professional moving company, then it’s very important that you have a basic understanding of the fundamental moving safety tips. Lifting and carrying large and heavy objects is never a joke, and your move day may suddenly become too dangerous… unless you’ve prepared well

How many boxes do you need for a move?

The process of packing for a move is simply unthinkable without cardboard boxes. With the exception of your furniture pieces and your home appliances, the rest of your belongings will have to be packed up safely in moving boxes of various sizes in order to be adequately protected during the actual transportation of your things

How to eat healthy when moving

With an overwhelming number of important things to do when getting ready to move out, eating healthy during your move will probably be the last thing on your mind. And if that is the case, it’s time for you to move the healthy eating task up your list of priority tasks. Why? It’s simple: healthy

10 ways to use the Internet to plan your move

We take the Internet for granted now as we’re rarely just a few clicks or taps away from accessing the Information Highway. Unfortunately, we don’t always take advantage of the power of Cyberspace to make our lives easier. Each year, around 40 million Americans pack up their belongings and move to another home. And if

How to throw a moving away party

Arguably, one of the toughest aspects of moving away is having to bid farewell to your good friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Moving to another part of the country or even moving abroad often turns out to be a bittersweet experience – you may be thrilled and impatient to start the new chapter in your life

How to pack IKEA furniture for moving

Moving IKEA furniture to a new home isn’t like any other furniture moving task you’re likely to face on the day of your move. We’re all familiar with the appeal of IKEA furniture – it’s fairly cheap and relatively easy to assemble. The pride and satisfaction of building your own furniture with your two hands

How to pack and move a lawn mower

There’s a good chance that you haven’t had to move your lawn mower since the day you bought it from the store. Do you happen to remember how well it was packed and secured on the day of the purchase? The bad news is that you can’t just pack your lawn mower in bubble wrap

What to expect from professional movers

So, you’ve decided to do the sensible thing and hire professional movers for your relocation. You’ve researched your options, asked for recommendations, read moving reviews, got price estimates from several reputable moving companies, compared the offers, and chosen the best movers for you. Yet, you may still feel a bit uneasy about the Big day

What to know when renting a moving truck

Renting a moving truck and moving your belongings yourself is a good way to save money and stay in control of your residential move – you will be able to plan your relocation to perfectly suits your needs and preferences, pack at your own pace, take care of your own items, perform your move when

What specialty boxes do you need when packing for a move?

Packing for a move is always easier and safer when you have the right type of packing supplies. Provided that packing paper, Bubble wrap, plastic wrap, moving blankets, and packing peanuts are all high-quality products, they will definitely contribute to a quick and problem-free packing experience. Nevertheless, the MOVING BOX is still the KING of

5 ways children can help during a move

It’s no secret that moving to a new home can be a rather stressful period for the entire family, especially for children who are old enough to sense that a major change is about to happen. One of the best ways to make the upcoming move easier and less stressful for your kids is to