How to start packing to move out?

Moving is an entire process with a definite beginning and a definite end (hopefully), and if you haven’t realized that fact yet, you will soon do so. Following the footsteps of the most elaborate and time-consuming processes found in life, the challenging task of moving from one home to another consists of numerous subtasks which will require your time, money, and dedication in order to be completed on time and have you 100% ready for the big change ahead.

Speaking of moving subtasks, it’s only fair to say a few words about the KING of your moving preparations – the job of packing up your house for a move. And because every job should have a beginning in order to be finished, “How to start packing to move?” will most likely be your initial question that will set the figurative packing wheels in motion.

So, how to efficiently pack to move?

How is always an excellent question when it comes to moving house, and you can find an updated list of all our current moving tips about how to best pack various household items for a move. This time around, we will answer the much more pressing questions of When and Where just because you won’t be able to initiate the packing process properly without knowing the correct answers of these two fundamental questions,

When should I start packing for a move?”,


Where should I start packing for a move?

When to start packing for a move?

This one is simple: the best time to start packing is now. As soon as your house move is confirmed and you know the date of your relocation, you should start updating your packing calendar and begin the hunt for suitable packing supplies at the same time due to the fact that packing is notorious for being the most time consuming task of them all. Many home movers commit the costly packing mistake of assuming that the arduous job of getting their entire homes into cardboard boxes, as well as under moving blankets and plastic wrap, is best handled through exhausting packing marathons just a few days before their corresponding moving dates. This is clearly the wrong packing strategy, so don’t try to copy their bad examples.

You don’t really have to wonder how soon you should start packing to move out, because there’s only right answer. Moving experts agree that the best way to start packing to move is to start right away and to prepare a few boxes each single day. Thus said, your daily quota of packed boxes will depend on fundamental variables, such as the size of your home, the sheer number of items you own, your packing speed, and of course, the number of days until your Big day.

Yes, you are advised to begin packing your house or apartment immediately, but as mentioned above, that immediateness cannot be initiated before you have created a working packing calendar and have procured the required packing supplies:

  • Packing calendar. Have a packing calendar at your disposal at all costs. It doesn’t really matter if you plan to create a general moving calendar and include all essential packing jobs inside it, or you prefer to make a separate packing calendar. The important thing here is that you will have a reliable and trustworthy guide to keep you focused, motivated and above all, in control of your packing challenge. Prioritize your packing jobs, distribute them evenly along your moving timeline, give them reasonable deadlines, and get down to work. To make things easier, you can break up a specific packing goal to mini-goals to keep yourself motivated. For example, the task “Pack garage” can be further subdivided into “Sorting”, “Pack power tools”, “Pack hand tools”, “Pack lawn or patio furniture”, and so on.
  • Packing supplies. Of course, you won’t be able to begin the packing process without suitable packing materials. A successful packing experience depends on the sufficient availability of cardboard boxes of assorted sizes, including specialty boxes, wrapping and cushioning materials (packing paper, Bubble wrap, plastic wrap, moving blankets, packing peanuts, cushioning foam, plastic covers), a variety of alternative containers, quality packing tape, markers of different color, and a number of other specialized packing supplies. The good news is that there are proven ways of getting some of the abovementioned materials for free, or almost for free. Either way, click here to learn everything there is to know about packing supplies so that you can begin packing to move immediately.

Where to start packing when moving house?

Now that you know how far in advance to start packing, it’s time for you to learn where to begin packing for moving, and in particular the best place to start packing up your home. Understandably, many people who are facing a residential move don’t know where to start packing and thus delay probably the only task in your moving/packing calendar that brooks no delay.

In order to know where to start packing up a house, you will need to familiarize yourself with the following 3 fundamental packing principles:

  • Packing principle #1: Where to start packing when moving house? Start from the rooms and premises you use less frequently /guest rooms, garages, attics, basements, closets/ and pack your way towards the living spaces you occupy on a daily basis. If possible, leave your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom for last so that your normal routine won’t get disrupted until it is absolutely necessary.
  • Packing principle #2: Which rooms to pack first? The second packing principle states that you should begin sorting and boxing the rooms that are the most difficult ones to pack and move towards the no-brainers. Generally speaking, storage spaces present a much tougher packing challenge than say, a bathroom or a living room due to the large number of unusual, specialized and oddly-shaped items stored in them.
  • Packing principle #3: Which items to pack first? The third and final principle to guide you in your packing job states that you should take care of your large and heavy household items before thinking about how to pack up your smaller and lighter possessions. Simply put, pack up safely your bulky furniture pieces and heavy household appliances before figuring out the best way to box up your clothes.

So, where to start packing up your house? Observing the packing guidelines above, it’s best to begin the packing process from your storage areas and your kitchen, and end it with your bedroom, living room and bathroom.

Thanks to our practical tips on how to start packing when moving to another home, now you are perfectly aware of when and where to start your packing adventure.

Let the packing begin!

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