Which free moving apps will help me organize a perfect move?

The crazy busy period prior to a house move is notorious for introducing elevated levels of chaotic disorganization and palpable moving stress. During these transitional times, any home mover would be wise to use whatever practical assistance is offered so that they can cope with the changes and finish the relocation preparation on time.

If your move is already only a matter of time, you should be aware that the two most common ways to receive much needed relocation assistance is to either hire the services of a professional moving company or call out to good friends to give you a helping hand. Still, there’s another good option to get qualified help while planning your perfect move – to take advantage of a moving organization app on your preferred mobile device. In fact, having a moving helper app at your disposal 24/7 is nothing short of an extremely convenient and modern /understand cool/ way to force constructive order into your pre-move organization period.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 3 free moving apps to help you plan your move the right way.

#1. Move Advisor (FREE)

Move Advisor is an awesome moving planner app which gives you complete control over the organization stage of your upcoming move. Not only can you install and use Move Advisor entirely for free, but you also get a state-of-the-art bundle of no fewer than 4 powerful organization tools on your smartphone.

  • Moving Timeline. Move Advisor features a uniquely detailed week-by-week moving checklist that displays the moving tasks you need to complete before Moving day in a clear and visually appealing way. The moving jobs are prioritized and distributed smartly along the entire preparation period ahead of you. All you need to do in order to learn more about a given task is tap its corresponding icon. Also, you can easily mark a task as completed, delete a chore if you find it non-applicable for your move, set a reminder to finish the relocation task later and even write a meaningful personal note underneath each entry. Luckily, your personal moving calendar offers an extra set of options for further customization.
  • Home Inventory. Move Advisor comes with a cutting edge free home inventory app to help you digitally map out your entire home. The household inventory checklist app is very easy to use – you simply add a virtual room, name it and start filling it with pre-set household items that correspond to their real life counterparts. The design of the home inventory app is highly intuitive and has the added functionality of calculating in real time the total volume and weight of your virtual inventory, together with the approximate number of cardboard boxes and moving blankets you will need.
  • Movers Around You. It is no secret that the informed choice of a reputable moving company predetermines to a large extent the successful outcome of any moving adventure. Move Advisor lets you find the best cross country movers by enabling you to take a closer look at genuine moving reviews and performance ratings of legitimate moving companies located close to you.
  • Request A Price Quote. A few taps is all you have to do to request an obligation-free moving quote from properly registered and insured movers so that you can compare the received offers and choose the one that works best for you in terms of price and moving services.

The extremely useful moving organization app Move Advisor is available for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

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#2. Move Tools (FREE)

The company State Farm offers for free an excellent moving app called Move Tools. Needless to say, the main idea behind this moving helper app is to help you introduce organized structure into your busy moving preparation.

The main features of the mobile moving application Move Tools are:

  • Week-by-week checklist. The detailed moving to-do list offers you 34 moving related jobs and takes you back 8 full weeks prior to your Big day. The short straight-to-the-point texts that go with each task give you more concrete information on what you need to do to get ready in time.
  • Interactive packing. Move Tools features a useful virtual packing tool that lets you mirror the contents of your real-life cardboard boxes in an entertaining way. You can also pack items which are not included in the pre-set household inventory, as well as edit the contents of a moving box anytime you wish.
  • My Inventory. Once you are done packing, you can view and most importantly, search your generated home inventory for specific items. Furthermore, the home inventory checklist enables you to add personal notes under each possession you have inventoried with Move Tools.
  • Smart labeling. Smart Labels is a great feature that lets you print out your virtual labels and tape/glue them to your actual packed boxes. This action alone will help you easily identify your moving containers when you reach your new home.
  • Moving tips. To complete the moving organization package, the moving planner app Move Tools offers a number of practical moving tips to aid you in overcoming the pre-move challenges you are about to face.

The practical and visually appealing moving organization application State Farm Move Tools is available for free for iPads and Android devices.

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#3. MyMove (FREE)

MyMove – the house moving planner app that’s been available to home movers for several years now – is all about greatly simplifying the process of finding a reputable moving company. The trick to having a great move is to be well informed and make the right choices, and we all know how crucial the selection of a suitable relocation partner can be.

The main features of the moving organizer application MyMove are:

  • Top moving tips. MyMove connects you directly to one of the most complete databases of moving tips, relocation guides and moving checklist available on the net as of today.
  • Moving checklist. The moving calendar tool of MyMove offers you a good customizable week-by-week moving checklist that starts 8 weeks before your moving date. You get to add new moving tasks, delete non-relevant ones, and of course, mark completed jobs as finished.
  • Professional movers. In reality, the strength of the moving planner app MyMove is its extended functionality to offer you current moving reviews and performance ratings of local and nationwide moving companies so that you can select the mover that best suits your preferences and pre-set moving budget. Additionally, you can request a free price estimate from a legal and insured mover with a few taps.

This practical moving organization app is available for free for iPhones and Android devices alike.

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