How to ship furniture across country cheap?

What’s better than having an invitingly warm and cozy bed when you feel exhausted after a long day of work? What’s better than sitting in your extra soft and comfortable chair to watch a good movie or catch your favorite sports team or player in action? And what’s better than stepping inside your spacious walk-in closet and choosing the clothes that will best reflect your current mood?

To have highly practical and excitingly aesthetic furniture in your home can give great pleasure and unrivaled satisfaction. Furniture pieces can be easily likened to loyal servants who never complain but stand in your home and tend to your various needs without asking too many questions.

Yes, house furniture is great until the day you learn that you need to move house in the near future. Then, all of a sudden, you begin to see your bulky selfless servants as a major logistic problem. The majority of furniture pieces that can be found in a home are rather big, oddly shaped and extremely heavy. And when it comes to moving furniture across the country, the descriptive adjectives “large” and “heavy” tend to lead the thoughts towards one of the most fearsome nouns in any language – “money”.

Ship furniture cross country cheaply

Yes, shipping furniture across the country is an expensive affair due to the considerable size and weight of the individual pieces. And yet, you shouldn’t despair as there are a few proven methods to bring down the final relocation cost a notch or two.

Have in mind that one of the major factors that determines the moving price is the total weight of your shipment. The other criterion is the distance but it remains a constant and there’s nothing you can do about it anyway. In some specific cases, the cubic feet of the items for transportation are also taken into account, especially when it comes to moving internationally. Thus said, logic dictates that the most obvious way to lower your moving expenses when shipping furniture to another state is to move less furniture (the less the cheaper, of course). But before we get to that tested way of moving furniture cross country cheaply, let’s say a few words about the other fundamental furniture moving cost saving technique.

Find affordable furniture movers

Needless to say, paying less for professional relocation services is always better as long as these services are offered with a friendly smile and an outstanding quality. And in order to know the approximate price of having your furniture shipped to another part of the country, you’re going to have to A) find an affordable moving company and B) ask for a written estimate of the furniture shipping costs.

Filling out a quick moving quote is one of the most efficient ways of getting in touch with a moving company that is legitimate, experienced and reliable. This action will save you plenty of time looking for such licensed and insured movers, and then sifting through the ones that meet your requirements and support your relocation route. And then, when you get contacted by a suitable furniture mover, make sure you request an in-house survey of your home. You may be offered a price estimate over the phone or the internet, but you’d be wise to insist on a visual inspection of all the furniture pieces you have for transportation.

When the moving company sends a representative of theirs to your house, they are required to prepare a written moving estimate which will detail the services and prices for moving your furniture across the country. Don’t be quick to say yes to the very first offer but arrange for at least 2 other estimates from different moving companies, and then compare the offers carefully before making your final decision.

Discard old or useless furniture

However, by the time the moving expert visits your home, you must have reduced the number of your furniture pieces to their absolute minimum. Remember the number on rule when shipping furniture to another state – more is always more /more furniture = more weight, more weight = more money/. Therefore, inspect your home thoroughly and decide the fate of each furniture piece.

Often times, moving old or useless furniture to your new home is not worth it simply because the money spent for the transportation can be used for buying brand new pieces after the move – more stylish, more practical and just… NEW. Also, if you know or have a creeping doubt that some pieces just won’t fit in or match the interior design of your new house or apartment, then that incompatibility is a reason enough to leave them behind. Keep asking yourself, “Is it worth it to move this piece?” and “Do I like this furniture at all?” every time you’re facing a tough decision. After all, you don’t want to waste your hard earned money.

You can try to turn your old and useless furniture into cash by selling it, either online or at a moving sale. Alternatively, you can easily give the pieces you no longer need or want to close friends, or even consider doing something good for your community and donate some of the furniture pieces to charity.

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