What to locate first when I move to a new city?

Moving to a new city can be quite disorienting indeed – all the new people around you, the new residence that doesn’t feel like home yet and the different daily routine may be a bit scary or even shocking at the beginning. The unfamiliar surroundings also add to the feeling of alienation often experienced shortly after relocation. However, several simple tricks will help you overcome any downbeat thoughts and adjust quickly and effortlessly to your new environment. Arranging your home so that it feels cozy and appealing, befriending your new neighbors and participating actively in the social life of your new community will help you relax and enjoy the new start of your life. Exploring your new city, however, is of primary importance for expanding your horizons and ensuring your peace of mind. Knowing your new surroundings will not only increase your self-confidence but will help you deal with a number of urgent post-relocation tasks in a quick and efficient manner.

So, which are the most important places to locate right when you move to your new home?

Supermarket and shopping centers

Without a doubt, replenishing your provisions will be among the first things you will need to do after moving to a new place. You might have brought some essentials with you but consumables are quickly used up and you will need to supply fresh groceries, toiletries and a variety of cleaning supplies during the very first days after your arrival. A large local supermarket will provide a convenient and affordable way of getting hold of all the necessary resources for putting your new home in order and your daily routine back on track.

Research all the local business at the earliest opportunity – they often present a convenient option not only for shopping but also for meeting your new neighbors and acquiring useful information about the area.

Your workplace and your children’s school

Regardless of how much time there is left before your first day at work and before the beginning of the school year (if you have school-age children), finding the shortest, safest and most convenient route to your workplace and your kids’ school is of primary importance. If you will be driving your own vehicle, research the infrastructure and the traffic flow to know which roads to take and how much time you will need to get to work (or school) in time. If you will use public transportation, make sure you know the schedules of buses, metro, intercity trains, etc. and their corresponding stops/stations.

Medical care centers and pharmacies

However undesirable, you may get injured or one of your family members may get sick shortly after moving to a new city, so you are advised to locate your health care provider’s office really soon. Find the whereabouts of the nearest city hospital and pharmacy, just in case, but make sure to research the best-supplied and cheapest drug stores in the area too, as well as the location of walk-in clinics and specialized doctors’ offices.


There will be a lot of paperwork to take care of soon after the relocation, so look for:

  • Bank – whether you will want to open a new bank account, to update your credit cards or just to review your finances, you will need to find the appropriate bank office in your new city;
  • Post office – if you have failed to change your address before the move, it is high time to address the matter. Have your mail forwarded, renew your subscriptions and use the chance to send your old friends a letter or a postcard from your new city;
  • Police station – know where the local police station is in order to ensure your peace of mind and your sense of security but also to register and update some documents;
  • DVA office – you need to transfer and/or update your driver’s license, your car’s registration and insurance in person, so be sure not to miss the deadline;
  • Auto services – you will probably want your vehicle checked and serviced after the relocation trip. And, of course, it will be very useful to learn the location of an affordable petrol station and car wash as soon as possible;
  • Service providers – you will certainly need electricity, gas and water from day 1, but you will probably want to contact various other local providers and take advantage of their services too.

Recreational areas – parks and playgrounds

Amidst the busy unpacking and organizing procedures you will need to have good rest and some fresh air. Especially if you have young children (or pets) taking them for a walk outside and finding a nice green area where they can play during the first days in your new surroundings is a must. Besides, this is a good opportunity to meet new people – parents with kids at the approximate age of yours, animal lovers, etc.

Places of entertainment

After the stressful moving procedures, you will probably find the following places very appealing:

  • Restaurants and coffee shops to indulge in local delicacies and pleasant atmosphere;
  • Sports centers to keep your good physical shape and your high spirits;
  • Movie theaters to enjoy distant places, magic moments and fascinating adventures;
  • Concert halls to catch up with local cultural events;
  • Libraries to find inspiring reading materials;
  • Discos and bars to meet new friends and shake the wariness and sadness away;
  • Various clubs to practice your favorite hobby activities and meet people with similar interests.

Local landmarks

It is always good and useful to know the location of local attractions, museums, places of historical significance and cultural heritage, religious temples, etc.

The better you get to know your new surroundings, the sooner you will be able to swim in familiar waters once again. You will get everything done much faster and will have your social network expanded effortlessly when you know your way around your new city!

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