How to make my new place feel like home?

When moving to a new place, people seek their dream homes where everything will correspond to their taste, needs and wishes. Stylish and comfortable furniture, modern electronic devices and useful equipment are all very desirable elements of a reliable and pleasant residence. They can make your life convenient and your surroundings fashionable, but they alone would never bring coziness and cheer to your new place. Only the little details can recreate the warmth and the charm of your own home. Once everything is unpacked and settled and your daily life returns to its routine, put the finishing touches to be able to truly feel at home.

Arrange your new home to your liking

Plan in advance the position of your larger furniture pieces and have them placed exactly where you designed them to be. Then it will be easier to arrange the smaller items around until you achieve the perfect artful configuration sketched by your imagination.

If you really liked your previous home, then it will be a good idea to create a similar atmosphere. Arrange your stuff in the same manner and the same style as before. Find a corresponding place for every single item, especially the cherished possessions you are emotionally attached to. Seeing them on their appropriate place will bring you comfort and satisfaction.

On the other hand, if you were not particularly happy with your life so far, dare to experience a different approach. Establish a completely different surrounding, use some non-standard ideas and avoid old-fashioned methods. Let your new home encourage you to undertake some new activities and change your lifestyle for the better. The opportunity for a fresh start should not be ignored.

Add decorations and vitality

No place will ever feel like a home unless it keeps the memories of happy times, dear relationships and beloved people. So, as soon as you have the essentials ready, use your creativity to transform your new dwelling into the ideal shelter of your emotions and dreams:

  • paint the walls with vivid colors or mild hues to reflect your attitude;
  • hang framed pictures and mirrors to reveal your personality;
  • place a lot of flowers here and there and reserve some space for larger plants – these will add unsuspected charm and liveliness to your home;
  • use curtains and carpets to provide coziness and delicacy to the surroundings;
  • put beautiful figurines on the shelves, nice stickers on the cupboards or interesting magnets on the fridge – anything to make your home attractive to your senses;
  • provide adequate lighting – bright lamps for a workplace, magic lanterns in the yard, playful colors for the kids’ room or romantic candles in your bedroom will bring peace and harmony to your inner world;

Employ personal approach

Bring your own spirit to your new residence to make it really feel like home:

  • Hang your favorite paintings and your precious photos on the walls to be inspired by cherished memories and happy thoughts;
  • Arrange souvenirs and gifts you cherish on visible places to remind you of joyful experiences;
  • Fill your home with your favorite fragrance – be it the aroma of flowers, the scent of delicate perfumes or the smell of freshly-baked cookies;
  • Put your favorite sheets on the bed, use your favorite table cloth and your preferred dining set, play your beloved music and get your most-loved book close at hand – being surrounded by familiar and enjoyable items will set your mind at peace and will allow you to focus on the positive aspects of your new life.

However, to feel really good in your new home and to adjust quickly to your new life, do not lock yourself up in your fortress. Explore your new city, grasp the new opportunities, befriend your new neighbors and join the community life to find your place and fit in effortlessly.

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