What should I wear on Moving day?

Moving day is arguably the busiest day of the entire moving preparations, and even the entire relocation process. It is the time when movers come to your home (unless you’ve opted for moving on your own) to pack, carry and load your household belongings into the waiting moving truck and then transport your stuff to your new address.

Also, it is the time when you’re supposed to be actively involved in your own move, so you should not underestimate the importance of the occasion and secure the utmost safety of you and the people around you. And one of the ways to do so is to be mindful of what you wear on moving day.


Even if you’re closely following the latest trends in the world of fashion, your moving day is the period when you should primarily feel comfortable and protected by your choice of clothing.

  • Select clothes that will provide maximum flexibility so that you feel free to perform all kinds of movements you’re not usually accustomed to doing – squats, stretches, twists, backward walking, tiptoeing and so on.
  • If possible, go for clothes made of breathable fabric, especially if you’re moving during the summer heat.
  • Wearing trousers or overalls with deep secure pockets will keep items of absolute necessity with you at all time – important documents, money, small hand tools for last minute furniture disassembly and so on.


Moving day chaos can hardly be compared to anything else, so you need to be prepared for unusual obstacles and unforeseen mishaps. The choice of footwear is even more crucial for your safety and that of the people around you. A single trip due to inappropriate shoes could lead to a world of trouble (and pain!).

  • Comfort, comfort, comfort! Repeat these three words while you’re wondering which pair of shoes to put on your feet. Moving house days tend to be inhumanly long and exhausting, so your most comfortable footwear should do the trick.
  • Be sure to opt for fully enclosed shoes with anti-slip soles, if possible, to provide top protection and traction.

What NOT To Wear On Moving Day

  • Avoid wearing long jewelry pieces on your moving day, for they can easily get hooked on something and get damaged. Or worse – harm you.
  • Baggy clothes may be more suitable for other casual events, but they are surely not right for the period when you’re moving house.
  • Sandals, flip-flops and high-heel shoes will be better off being packed safely for moving than being worn on moving day.

And one final piece of advice – dress according to the weather and the current climatic conditions. It’s pretty straightforward but stull very important to keep this in mind.

There are no rules on what you should wear on moving day – the important thing here is that your selection of garments provides you with sufficient comfort and enough protection to keep accidents away.

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