What to do with all the packing materials after a move?

After all the hustle and bustle of planning the relocation process and packing your belongings, loading the truck and transporting your entire household is finally over, your moving adventure has not yet come to an end. There is a bit more to be done – arranging your new place and making it feel like home. Just one little obstacle when unpacking – your new rooms get cluttered with a variety of wrapping materials at a threatening speed. It is just impossible to arrange your possessions in a tidy and systematic manner with all the boxes, paper and styrofoam peanuts getting in your way all the time. So, you need a quick solution. Here are several options to get rid of packaging after a move:

Packing boxes

Decide the fate of each box as soon as you empty one. If it is torn up or dirty or worn out, just smash it and prepare stacks for recycling. Simple enough.

However, if the box is in good condition, store it away in the garage, basement or wherever it will be out of the way for the preset moment. Later on, when you have already settled in and your daily routine is back on track, you may:

  • Spread the word that you have good boxes to spare. Post a message on the social networks, tell your co-workers or place signs around your new neighborhood. Someone who is planning a forthcoming move is sure to come and pick all the packing materials you are willing to give for free, or even for a minimum fee, in no time;
  • Use the boxes to store your belongings. Sturdy boxes can preserve some of the items you use on rare occasions or outdated stuff you prefer to keep. Arrange them neatly and sort your belongings inside according to their type and value;
  • Keep them for future usage. If you know that another move is awaiting in a year or so, just store all the good boxes and use them when the time comes.

Packing paper and bubble wrap

Likewise, you are recommended to recycle newsprint or torn paper and damaged bubble wrap. However, remember that these materials could prove to be very useful in your new home – either for covering floors and furniture during any repair works, or for securely wrapping items that are to be stored away. Consider your future needs and decide accordingly.

Styrofoam peanuts

If the peanuts are made of starch, they can be cut in small pieces and left to degrade in soil or water. However, styrofoam peanuts are not degradable, so be careful when you dispose of them. In the long run, they could be even dangerous for your health, so taking them to businesses that reuse consumers’ foam peanuts is your best option. Nevertheless, you could still let your children play with them for a while after the move – they deserved some additional fun, didn’t they?

Expensive or custom made packaging

If you purchased some quality packing materials, such as specially designed crates, for example, keep these. They are difficult and expensive to obtain, so no matter if you are planning for another move or not, containers that can hold awkwardly shaped items or that provide extra protection, should be preserved. You never know how useful they may prove to be.

Search for recycling centers in your area where you can dispose of all moving supplies in an eco-friendly manner. Remember that simply storing all the packing materials in your new garage or basement and forgetting about them is not a good idea – they will stay there to clutter your new living space and will become useless in time.

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