How to get to know your new city (almost) effortlessly?

You have just moved to a totally unfamiliar place, you don’t know anyone and you feel down. Here, I’ve prepared some a rule of thumb tips you can put into action for fast and great results.

Say “Yes” to everything…

(that is legal, moral and won’t make you fat).
Get out there! Go to everything that people invite you to. Do not wait for the opportunities to come right to your doorstep and knock on the door.

Check the local media

Subscribe to local newspapers to find out more about the recent news and what’s going on in the city. Local blogs and forums can also be a good resource for news and advice. Locals know the city the best. Browse for topics you are interested in and get helpful information straight from the horse’s mouth.

Get involved in your community

Getting involved in your community is a great way to meet new people and get to know your new habitat. Volunteer at the local hospital or at the local soup kitchen. Join an amateur sports club or take a cooking class or a dance class. Meetup is a website that helps you connect with other people in your city who have similar interests. You may give it a shot.

Take a stroll

Another effective way to really get to know the place is to just take stroll. Sometimes, you don’t need a plan. So, just go for a walk. Explore the city with all your senses. Feel it, smell it, taste it (I am not saying that you have to lick the streets, of course).

Visit local events

The Internet is you friend, remember it. Look for local events online. The official website of your city may have a calender of local upcoming events published for its citizens. There may be a good band coming to your city, or some other cultural event worth seeing. Visiting local events is a funny way to mingle with people and learn more about the city.

Say “Hi” to the hot spots

Scout out local landmarks and exciting places around the city. Pick a theater or museum, a park or perhaps a traditional restaurant, or a shopping center. Ask locals what they appreciate about their community and where they go to have fun.

Surely, there are plenty of good places to visit and enjoy, so what are you waiting for?

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