How to befriend my new neighbors after a move?

You just moved to your new house or apartment and the dust from the movers’ feet and the endless piles of moving boxes has not settled yet. There are so many tasks to be done in the following days that you already feel discouraged. The time-consuming unpacking and arranging, the tedious cleaning and the possible repair works wait nobody else but you, so roll up your sleeves and get to work.

But regardless of the amount of work you have, it’s a good idea to think about the acclimatization process that lies ahead and actually find some time in your busy schedule and do something about getting to know your city, your neighborhood and, of course, your new neighbors.

Take the matter in your hands

Traditions are not what they used to be and the ever-changing modern viewpoints have left us wondering who ought to do the first step and introduce themselves to the other party – the neighbors or the new face in the neighborhood. Most people nowadays are extremely busy and can hardly find any free time between juggling a professional career and raising a family. Therefore, don’t expect the folks next door to come over and welcome you to their world but if it happens, do thank them. In fact, why don’t you take a break from the arduous job of unpacking and go and knock on your neighbors’ doors?

You don’t need a good reason to say hi and introduce yourself. It’s a clear sign of good manners and besides, your neighbors will probably help you a lot during the initial part of your transition.

Invite your neighbors over

Now that you’ve made the initial introductory step, consider organizing a humble welcoming party once you finish unpacking and arranging your house or apartment. It doesn’t have to be something fancy – an informal cocktail party will do the trick. Hopefully, your neighbors will realize that you need much more time to know your way around and won’t expect any miracles from you.

Purchase some drinks and snacks, and simply go and invite the folks who live next door. This party of yours will be the perfect opportunity to know your neighbors a bit better and get a clearer idea of which ones among them could eventually become your future friends. Just relax and try to have some fun as a host and hopefully things will be just fine.

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