How to unpack quickly after moving?

Whether you are eager to arrange your new home the way you always pictured it in your head but just never had the chance to do it in the old surroundings or you are so totally exhausted by the moving process that the mere sight of empty rooms and piles of boxes throws you in panic, you have no choice – you need to unpack and organize after moving. However, there is no real pressure, no deadlines approaching too fast and no strict rules to be observed, so the process of unpacking and tidying your new home doesn’t have to be stressful or unpleasant. You just need to get the essentials ready as soon as possible, so that you can have rest and food, and then you can continue at a much slower pace that suits your frame of mind.

Where to begin the unpacking process?

The first thing you are advised to do is to check against your inventory list whether all your possessions have been promptly delivered to your new place. If anything is missing or damaged, contact the moving company immediately. Then make sure that each box has been carried in its designated room. If everything was properly marked and labeled, sorting out your belongings should be very easy.

In case you have arranged it for your movers to take all the larger furniture and appliances to their predetermined spots (or reliable friends helped you to do so when unloading), then you will be able to start unpacking and tidying your smaller items right away. Otherwise, make a plan as to where you want all the major items to be located and get them in place according to your design really soon because you cannot unpack and arrange anything before that. Plan well, so that the heavy and bulky pieces are moved only once and use felt pads or furniture blankets to avoid causing damage to your new property.

Open up your essentials box – there should be tools, toiletries, clothes, medicines, food and other much needed items in it.

Unless you already have all the utilities transferred and running, contact your providers immediately, for this is a matter of primary importance.

Which rooms to unpack first?

Without a doubt what you will be impatient to do first after the moving procedures are over is to take a shower and go to sleep. So, set up your bed (if it requires reassembly, make sure you have the right tools and you know how to do it or there is someone you can rely on to help you out) and unpack the box with the bedding, so that your well-earned rest is assured. Then find your toiletries, hang the shower curtain and the towels and let the hot water wash away your weariness and stress. You can relax at last, just don’t forget your prescription medications, if any.

You may have packed some food in your “open-first” box or you can have something to eat delivered to your new place for the first day or two, but once the bedroom and the bathroom are ready, you need to turn your attention to the kitchen. Hook up the large appliances, such as the fridge and the washer, first and then get your favorite smaller devices (the coffee maker or the toaster) ready to use.

Now that you can prepare your food and refuel your energy, take a shower and have a good night’s rest, you have the liberty to organize the rest of the unpacking tasks completely to your liking and whenever you have enough time.

How to unpack boxes quickly and efficiently?

Here are some extra tips to help you finish the unpacking process in a quick, systematic and pleasant manner:

  • Stay focused. Use whatever tactics works for you – set mini goals, play rhythmic music or plan your breaks, just maintain your focus to achieve a quick success;
  • Don’t procrastinate. Whatever can be done today, should be done today. You will have plenty of other things to deal with tomorrow;
  • Get rid of packing materials. Flatten the damaged boxes in stacks to be recycled soon and store away the ones you intend to use – just make sure the packing materials don’t get in your way;
  • Clean regularly. You will be overwhelmed by the accumulation of trash and dirt if you do not clean after every completed mini task;
  • Have fun. Make the unpacking process a challenging game for all the family members, invite your friends to an unpacking party with music and beverages, take photos to document a funny moment, etc. – just relax and have some fun;
  • Make your place feel like home. The last finishing touches, such as arranging your flowerpots on the window sills or your souvenirs on the shelves, will turn your new place into your cozy and cheerful home.

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