How to find cheap movers near me?

If you’re looking for cheap movers to take care of your upcoming move, you can be sure that you’re not the only one who’s doing it. It’s a well-known secret that in the end, a house move can turn out to be a rather expensive undertaking that will surely burden the family budget like never before. And while it’s a fact that there are proven cost saving tips and tricks to lower the overall relocation price, which particular company you select as your moving partner will almost certainly pre-determine not only how smoothly the entire residential move goes, but also how much you’re going to pay for the hired professional services.

In most cases, the single decision of which mover to trust with your belongings will influence greatly the outcome of your relocation adventure. Not surprisingly, the final price of the move is the defining factor that will shape up how things unfold. However, as important as it is, the moving price alone is not the only thing you should consider when moving house. After all, you don’t only want to find really cheap movers – you want to hire the triple combination of cheap and quality and reliable movers at the same time.

Stop asking yourself, “Where can I find cheap movers?”, and read on to learn how to find a perfectly affordable moving company that still offers great relocation services. The truth is that if you do your homework in advance and play your cards right, you have a great chance of disproving all pessimists who like to think that cheap is almost always synonymous with poor quality.

Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations

Your hunt for cheap local or cross country movers should begin within your immediate circle of family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors. These are the very people you can trust and who you know won’t deliberately try to deceive you for whatever reason. Maybe someone in your trusted network of friends has moved recently or knows another person who has relocated not long ago? Remember that all you’re doing right now is gather valuable information by keeping your ears open and exploring your possible intelligence sources.

Whenever a moving company is recommended to you, be sure to ask exactly the person has been left satisfied with the moving services. And, most importantly, depending on how close you are with the person who has recently survived the house move, be ready to request more details about the move, and in particular – its financial side. “By the way, how much did your movers charge you in the end?”

Read genuine moving reviews

Reading moving reviews in the form of personal testimonials and movers’ performance ratings is always a good way to continue your quest to locate good cheap movers. This way, you will get a better idea of what to expect from your eventual moving partners in terms of professionalism, reliability, affordability and last but not least – attitude.

The good moving companies understand how important their online reputation is and therefore do their best to keep it clean. And in order to keep it presentable, they never fail to offer the high quality services future customers expect from them. This is not something you should overlook.

Where to find cheap movers? A great place to access thousands of genuine moving reviews, and thus increase your chance of finding really affordable movers, is to visit the reputable relocation portal MyMovingReviews where you can find furniture movers near you – close to your pickup location. As a rule of thumb, concentrate on reliable cheap movers with overall ratings of 3 stars and above.

Check movers’ legal status

Sometimes your efforts to find cheap movers could prove to be counterproductive as, regrettably, there are also dishonest moving companies out there that disguise themselves as “cheap” by offering uncharacteristically low price offers in order to lure in customers. And later, having secured the moving job, they come up with various “creative” ways to inflate the relocation costs.

When looking for cheap movers and packers, the risk of contacting a rogue mover is somewhat greater. Take a quick look at the most common moving scams and learn how to protect yourself against moving fraud. To pay much less and still stay safe, you must check your cheap movers’ legal status, and in particular – whether they have been properly licensed and accredited, and whether they are adequately insured. Do this by visiting the website of the Department of Transportation and checking out your shortlisted companies’ USDOT Number – the legal proof that they are licensed to operate as a shipper of household goods.

Request and compare moving estimates

One thing is clear – before you hire cheap movers, you need to know how affordable they actually are. So, the time has come for you to request moving costs estimates and compare the prices and the conditions of the received offers. Remember that whenever you need cheap movers, you will have to resort to your smartest shopping skills to find the ultimate combination between price and quality – the one that will work out best for you anyway.

As a smart shopper of moving services, don’t make the rookie mistake of accepting the very first offer that comes your way. Instead, do a careful comparative analysis of the stated prices and most importantly – the additional services included in the estimates. To determine the winner among a set of cheap local or state to state movers, ask each moving company for good ways to make your move even cheaper. Also, explore all options for reducing the final bill further such as current promotions, additional discounts for first time customers, seasonal price discounts and more.

Do your own price reduction part

To find cheap and reliable furniture movers for your upcoming relocation is not an easy task, but the money you will save as a result should be worth the invested time and efforts on your part. However, in order to really notice the difference, you also need to play your own money saving part when moving house. Besides hiring an affordable moving company to be at your side, take advantage of additional great ways to make your move even cheaper, including:

  • Optimization of your household items and personal possessions;
  • Booking your moving date early and scheduling it the right way;
  • Paying much less for packing materials (especially moving boxes);
  • Packing up your home by yourself, and more.

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  1. We will have access to an apartment in Santa Rosa, CA, June 29th. Hoping to have 1 chair, ottaman, and at least 30 boxes, 24 potted plants loaded the 28th and delivered around 10 am the 29th of June. We are one of many who lost there home in the Tubbs fire. I will be purchasing boxes and will pack but need muscle to load, unload and transport.

  2. what will be the cost to put hot tub in place. It weigh approximately 800 lbs.

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