How to find the perfect roommate?

Moving to a new city, you may find yourself financially challenged. To reduce your living costs, you can consider moving in with a roommate.

Of course, living with a roommate, you will enjoy less privacy and you will have to comply with some rules, so both of you live happily and peacefully. To find your perfect match, make a list of requirements, a profile of your potential roommate. You should choose a roommate wisely. After all, you will share and take care of a common living space.

  • You can start looking for a roommate on sites that offer the service, but you should not limit your options. Use social networks to look for your match. A friend of friend might be in the same situation. Take time and scout each response you get and narrow down your list of potential candidates to ten.
  • Then ask everyone to send a reference from a previous roommate or from a friend, or even a relative. Call them to ask about the candidate’s habits and characteristics.. Listen carefully and take notes.
  • Go further and conduct a thorough background check. Make sure you won’t live with someone who has problems with the law. Also, run a credit check to confirm your roommate is responsible when it comes to paying bills.
  • Finally, you should personally meet each candidate who has passed the examination so far. Before the meeting, prepare your list of meticulous requirements and a set of questions. Ask about work and working time, about hobbies and leisure time. Discuss habits such as smoking. Also talk over pets, privacy needs and guests, household chores, groceries and bills. Be honest with candidates and clearly outline the ground rules.

Be prepared to make some compromises. Everybody has his good and bad traits. You should look for someone who is honest and who would like to talk the problems over, and resolve them in a gentleman-like manner.

Be clear and specific with the rules and restrictions, and in the end sign a written agreement. Make it official and do not rely on verbal agreements. Include a clause that allows both of you to terminate the lease with a 30-day notice. In case things don’t run smooth, you will be able to go on your own.

Moving in with a roommate has its perks. Not only can you save on your rental bill and utilities costs, but you can even support each other through tough times.

It is recommended to find a place first, the roommate and then to arrange the final details of your relocation. Perhaps, you may share common furniture pieces at the new place. Moreover, you can both hire one relocation company to move your belongings and furniture to your new place.

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