How to get free moving quotes?

The instant your move becomes only a matter of time, there is one question that you’ll probably start asking yourself more than all other questions combined: How much will my move cost? And naturally, you’d be right to be interested in finding its satisfactory answer.

Learning the exact final relocation price of a move in advance is hardly ever possible simply because there are too many constantly changing factors that will influence the final bill during the moving preparations, including on moving day. A certain condition may change suddenly, an additional moving service may be needed to complete the job or a service that’s already been negotiated may become unnecessary. And that is why the pre-move calculation of the moving costs comes in the form of an estimate.

What are the best ways to get free moving quotes? There are two principal ways to obtain free moving quotes (moving estimates) for your upcoming move to another part of the country:

Fill out a moving quote for free

This is the easiest and fastest way to get a free moving quote. All you need to do in this case is fill out a moving quote which usually takes between 1 and 2 minutes to complete. You enter the ZIP code of your current town or city, your destination city and state, the date when you’d like to have your household moved, the size of your property and whether or not you’d like to have your vehicle shipped as well. Finally, you enter your contact information and you’re done. Quick and easy, right?

And once you’ve filled out a moving quote, expect to be contacted by licensed, insured and reliable movers who will be ready to work out the moving details with you – and that is the exact moment when you should request an in-house visual estimate. As a result, you should get a moving company representative come over to your home and do an on-site inspection of what items you have for moving. Be upfront from the very beginning – show the rep everything that will have to be relocated and voice any concerns you may be having regarding the move. Finally, request an accurate binding estimate in writing where all the mover’s services should be listed and priced accordingly.

Find a mover and request a free quote

Alternatively, you have another option to get in touch with a trustworthy moving company and arrange the important details of your move – to find a suitable moving company yourself. This method requires much more time than the first one, as you’re expected to sift through your candidate winners by researching them online (read customer reviews, testimonials and ratings, check the movers’ licensing information with the Department of Transportation, ask friends or people who have move house recently for recommendations and so on), and pick the ones that seem to best meet your requirements.

When you have a shortlist of moving companies that you think will do a good job relocating you, contact them and request moving quotes for free – just as described above. And while you’re holding the received written estimates in your hands, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to single out the best mover for your move.

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