What do local movers cost?

A local move is believed to be easier to plan, organize and execute than long distance interstate relocation. And the reason for that lower difficulty level can be attributed to the shorter distance between Point A (your current home) and Point B (your new home) – a local move is one that stays within 100 miles and never leaves the state of origin.

The shorter distance alone is a reason enough to make you consider the DIY idea of renting a moving truck and moving by yourself. And yet, if you have zero moving experience and know you won’t be able to gather up your friendly posse of reliable helpers with your bugle call, then your only viable option is to hire local movers to get the relocation job done.

The decision to hire the services of a local moving company will inevitably bring up questions about the local movers cost.

How much do local movers cost?

The average cost of local movers is approximately $25 per hour per mover, and the duration of the move can vary greatly depending on size of your home, the number of items in it, the specific services you have requested or have to be performed to complete the move, and the distance to your new residence. Broken down into different property sizes, the situation looks roughly like this:

  • A studio apartment with 2 movers can go up to $100-$200 if the average loading, transportation and unloading time is somewhere between 2-4 hours.
  • A typical 3 bedroom house can cost between $600 and $900 to move locally if 4 movers require roughly 6-9 hours to get the job done.
  • A larger home (more than 5,000 square feet) may require around 6 movers and up to 12 hours to load, move and unload its household items, and the price will increase drastically (up to about $1,800).

All of the above prices are only average values and the actual local moving cost will vary in each relocation instance. For a much more accurate estimation of the moving expenses, use our free moving cost estimator.

Additional local moving costs

It goes without saying that you should expect to pay extra for each additional local moving service. Here are the additional relocation costs when you’re moving locally:

  • Full service local movers are also ready to perform packing and unpacking of your household goods if you so require. Be ready to pay additional $25-35$ per hour for packing and unpacking services. In most cases, the charge includes the price of the packing materials.
  • The majority of local movers will also charge their clients a travel fee – the time the moving crew requires to reach your home from the company’s office. This travel fee is usually charged as 1 extra hour of labor.
  • Each additional mover will cost you roughly another $25.
  • You should be aware that you will have to go deeper into your pocket for special circumstances, such as super heavy or oversized household goods (fee for handling bulky items), a long way from your front door to the moving truck (long carry fee), lack of an operating elevator (elevator fee), request of a delayed delivery (storage fee) and others.
  • When moving locally with a local moving company, you automatically get Basic Limited Liability Protection for your goods which comes at no additional cost but will very rarely match the actual value of your possessions (its coverage is only $0.60 per pound per article). Do consider purchasing real moving insurance for your local move either through your local moving company or from a third party.
  • How much to tip local movers? If you’re satisfied with the service of your local movers, then it’s customary that you show your satisfaction by tipping your hired laborers. Generally, tips for local movers run about $5 per hour or roughly 10-15% of the total relocation cost.
  • Have in mind that moving during the peak moving season (the summer period, weekends and holidays) can cost you up to 20% more. This is why, if you have any flexibility in choosing your moving date, book your local move on a weekday anywhere between September – May.

And finally, finding cheap local movers is another good way to bring down your local moving price. Ask local moving companies for in-house surveys, compare the issued moving estimates carefully and choose the local mover who offers the best services for the best price.

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