How to get friends to help me move?

When you are not sure what to do, you probably seek advice from your friends.

When you need encouragement to make a big step in your life, you probably look for support from your friends.

When you feel upset or anxious, you probably find consolation in your friends.

When you embark on an adventure, you most likely share the experience with your friends.

When you are faced with a great challenge, you probably ask your friends for help.

Moving house certainly meets all the above criteria when the assistance of reliable friends is more than welcome. So, if you have decided on a self-move, your best bet is to get your friends to help you move and turn the arduous relocation process into a gratifying moving experience.

How to ask friends to help you move

You need to be very delicate and considerate when asking friends to help you move. After all, you not only request your good buddies to sacrifice their free time for your sake, but also want them to do some strenuous work lifting and carrying heavy household items.

  • Reach out to your friends as early as possible – your pals will most probably have plans of their own and won’t be able to help you on a short notice. So, contact them as soon as you decide on a moving date and ask them if they will be available and willing to give you a helping hand;
  • Ask in person – you may use the social networks to let all your pals know that you will be moving soon and you need as much assistance as they can provide, but it is a good idea to contact your most reliable friends in person and ask them to come to your aid. When being directly asked for help, your best friends are unlikely to turn you down unless they have important previous engagements. Besides, you’ll know for sure how many helping hands you will have on Moving day and will be able to discuss some details with your buddies in advance;
  • Be honest – be straightforward with your friends and tell them exactly what kind of help you need and how much it will take to complete the job. Not only will your pals be able to prepare better for their specific tasks, but they may even come up with some practical ideas or insightful tips on how to finish the work in a quicker and more efficient way;
  • Offer incentive – assure your friends that there will be breaks for food and drinks, promise to play their favorite music, let them know that they can pick and take for free some of your no-longer needed items – just turn moving day into a chance to spend some fun moments together for one last time.

How to use your friends’ help to your greatest advantage

When you are getting ready to move and have asked some friends to help, you need to organize every aspect of the moving process in the most efficient way possible. So, plan ahead and prepare whatever you can. Take the time to think through all the details and create an efficient moving strategy:

  • Pack your possessions properly to make it easier for your friends to carry the boxes and load them onto the moving vehicle – provide enough padding inside to prevent possible damage, label the boxes with clear handling instructions and don’t make them too heavy;
  • Provide the necessary equipment – the right equipment will speed things up and will make your move easier, so rent a dolly, supply furniture pads and adequate wrapping materials, get hold of protective coverage for your floors and stairs, keep a set of tools handy and be prudent enough to provide several extra pairs of working gloves, goggles, etc.;
  • Secure an escape route – measure the available space and your large household items in advance and decide on the best method and the easiest way to take everything out. Make sure no obstacles block the path, partially disassemble awkwardly-shaped furniture, remove doors from their hinges if necessary and use anti-slippery covers on floors and stairs – anything you can do to prevent property damage and personal injuries;
  • Find a suitable vehicle – whether you intend to book a moving truck or to borrow a pick-up truck, make sure your moving vehicle is of an appropriate size and arrives on time. In case your friends are going to help you transport some of your household items in their vehicles, make a list of the items that will go in each car and provide every driver with a printed map to the final destination;
  • Figure out how many helping hands you need and what time should your friends come – ask some of your friends who have good organizational skills to come very early (or even on the day before moving day) and help you finish packing, disassembling furniture, removing obstacles, providing protection against property damage, etc. Arrange for the physically strong friends who will be hauling your household items to arrive when everything is packed and ready and the moving vehicle is already parked in front of the entrance to your home. Otherwise, you will be wasting your friends’ time.

How to organize moving day when friends help you move

To achieve a favorable outcome of your moving endeavor, you need to:

  • Distribute the tasks strategically – make sure each of your friends knows exactly what he/she is supposed to do. When appointing certain tasks to certain people, take into consideration their abilities and preferences and choose the best person for every job;
  • Give clear directions – provide clear directions in a nice and friendly manner to reduce stress and prevent chaos. Even if something doesn’t go according to plan, you need to stay composed and focused in order to find a beneficial solution to the problem;
  • Be polite and grateful – show your appreciation to your friends, regardless of how well they handle the tasks. Remember that they don’t have the necessary experience to complete the job in a quick and professional manner. Don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you” whenever relevant;
  • Provide refreshments – don’t just get pizza for your friends who help you move but provide a choice of their favorite snacks (fruits, cookies, energy bars, sandwiches, etc.). Offer your pals bottled water, soft drinks, coffee and/or tea to keep them hydrated and recharge their energy. Take breaks as often as necessary;
  • Make it fun – ask everyone to bring a flash drive with several of their favorite songs recorded and play them all to make sure everyone is happy. Organize games (hidden object quests, treasure hunts, etc.) to make the laborious moving tasks somewhat more entertaining and use the opportunity to make new memories and to share a laugh together.

How to thank friends who help you move

It’s only natural to find a way to show your gratitude to all your good friends who help you move:

  • Prepare a small gift – it can be a thank-you card, a funny moving certificate, a specific item that has some sentimental value for you both, or a photo album with treasured pictures from your past adventures – just anything to let your friends know their efforts have been appreciated;
  • Throw a party – invite your pals to a housewarming party in a week or two, when you have already settled in. This will give you a chance to finally relax after the move, spend some valuable time with the people who matter to you and show your gratitude to your loyal friends;
  • Return the favor – reassure your friends that should they ever need help moving, you will be there for them.

Getting friends to help you move will give you a fair chance for a smooth and trouble-free relocation experience.

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