How to pack jewelry for a move?

Moving is a highly transitional period and many unpleasant and sometimes strange things can happen while the household items of one house or apartment are being transported to another home. Not surprisingly, topping the list of moving misfortunes are missing or broken personal possessions. And while nobody is likely to organize a search party for a missing pair of socks or shed a tear about a broken kitchen plate, it is a completely different story to find out that a valuable item has mysteriously disappeared or has been ruined beyond repair.

One of the valuables that you are most likely to find missing or broken are your jewelry pieces. They are small, delicate and expensive (some of them even priceless!), so you must make sure that:

  1. Your jewelry is securely packed for moving
  2. Your jewelry pieces stay with you during the actual move
  3. Your precious personal ornaments are unpacked with great care and stored safely.

So, how to pack jewelry for moving? The following jewelry packing tips can save you from plenty of headaches come moving day and the unpacking period afterwards. Here are some standard and even some unusual tips for packing your jewelry pieces for a safe move to your new home.

Jewelry box

Needless to say, your jewelry box is your best transportation method for your precious necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches and other jewelry you may have. Jewelry boxes provide excellent protection from the outside (made of sturdy material) as well from the inside (lined with soft padding materials), and can be closed or even locked securely. Most of the time, these boxes have separate compartments designed specifically for the different types of jewelry. So, if you own such a box, arrange your valuable pieces inside, shut it safely and wrap the container with a few layers of packing paper or one layer of bubble wrap. Tape the package and keep it with you at all times during the relocation (under no circumstances should you entrust your jewelry box to your movers).

Drinking straws

Drinking straws are an innovative way to protect your necklaces because the latter are not easy to transport. Their long chains tend to get tangled into other jewelry pieces or onto themselves and may lead to either heartbreaking breaks or lost time while untangling them later on. Take a straw, slip the chain of a necklace through and clasp the two ends together. You may have to adjust the length of the straw to match the one of your piece. Wrap carefully the chained straw with soft packing paper and repeat for the rest of your necklaces.

Toilet paper rolls

Empty and clean paper rolls can be used instead of drinking straws in case the chains of your necklaces and bracelets are thicker and won’t fit into the narrow straws. It’s not the prettiest sight ever but this method does protect jewelry chains from tangling and maybe even breaking in the end.

Business cards

You can use outdated business cards to keep your long earrings organized and protected during a move. Poke a couple of holes through the paper and attach the hooks of your paired jewelry pieces. If you don’t have any business cards, just cut out similar cards from the cardboard of broken and useless moving boxes and use the cut-outs instead. Make sure you tape the earring hooks on the back of the card so that they won’t slip out and get lost during that transitional period.

Pill organizers / Ziploc bags

Smaller earrings are the ones that often may disappear without a trace. Safe places to store them until you reach your new home are plastic pill organizers or re-sealable plastic bags (Ziploc bags). However, before you place them inside those containers, wrap each pair of earring in a soft and clear wrapping paper for extra protection. Pill organizers can be used for storing smaller rings as well.

Egg cartons

An egg carton can be used for storing earring and rings of different shapes and sizes. Wrap each ring individually with packing paper and place it inside a random cup. Once you’ve filled all the cups of the carton, wrap the latter with a thin layer of clear plastic wrap to keep the jewelry pieces in place.

Whichever method for transporting your expensive personal ornaments you choose, remember that packing and moving your jewelry is entirely your responsibility because most moving companies will not agree to your relocate valuables, and you shouldn’t agree to it either. Follow the above moving tips for packing jewelry and hopefully you’ll never have to hear the dreaded question, “Honey, have you seen my favorite ring? I can’t find it anywhere.

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