How to find the best school for my children after moving?

More often than not, a move will turn out to be tough for the people involved. If you have school-age children, then the relocation process will probably be even more stressful for you as a parent (you’re going to have to find a good school for your kids) and for your children as well (they’re going to lose the comforting routine and their best school friends, favorite teachers and familiar surroundings).
Thus said, it’s important to note that there’s something fundamental that you can do to help your kids handle that difficult transitional period, and that is to choose a good new school for them. But where to begin the hunt for a decent school?

The power of the Internet

Every reputable school should have a website where you can receive more information about the school itself – its history, mission statement, exact location, awards and achievements, special programs and so on. If you cannot find or access the school’s website, then it’s best to phone the school administrators and get the specific info you need.
Alternatively, check out Wikipedia’s full list of middle, high and private schools in the United States.

You can also try the search tool for schools and colleges in the USA and its territories offered by the National Center for Education Statistics. For your convenience, the education institutions are listed by states, cities, zip codes and school names.

Ask for recommendations

When you move to your new city, ask coworkers, neighbors and any of your new and old friends if they can recommend a new school in your new neighborhood that will meet your requirements and expectations. Also, parents who have schoolchildren will probably give you the most valuable tips simply because, you know, they have already been down that road.

Do the school tour

Regardless of how much information about suitable schools you manage to gather, nothing beats a personal visit to a school in order to try and identify its strong and weak points. Once you have a list of potential winners, do your best to go and see what the school is all about. If possible, take your children with you on those school tours so that they can get a better feel of the environment – after all, they will be the ones attending the new school, right?

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