What to do 8 weeks before Moving day?

It’s very important to organize properly the time you have until Moving day. Remember that regardless of how many days you have left until the day of truth comes knocking on your door, you should make sure you don’t waste precious time doing nothing because every single day counts.

Here’s what tasks you need to get done if you have 8 full weeks before moving day:

Create a moving calendar

A moving calendar is a detailed to-do list that will help you tremendously to organize your time in a highly effective manner. The tasks in that calendar should be tailored to your specific relocation needs because no one knows better that needs to be than during the hectic days of a move than you. Also known as a moving timeline, that comprehensive to-do list will make sure you stay focused by urging you to complete each time within its time frame. Moreover, the process of crossing out individual tasks as done will lessen the overall stress that will surely keep building during the moving preparations.

Purge your home of needless items

Moving household items that you haven’t used in years and probably won’t do so in the future will be nothing short of waste of your time and money. And the best solution to this issue is to get rid of all the unwanted possessions before you get to pack it for moving – sell them wither online or by organizing a moving sale, give them for friends or family members, donate them to charity or simply throw away the worthless stuff.

Inventory your possessions

Once you’ve been left with only the items that are worth moving to your new residence, then you’re going to need to inventory them. If fact, making a detailed inventory will help you keep track of exactly what personal possessions you’re packing and transporting – something that will prove priceless when your boxes are delivered to your new home. You can easily check off each box against your inventory and know not only the content of each moving container, but also know instantly if such has gone missing during the transportation.

Choose a reliable moving company

This is about the right time to start looking for a moving company that will fit your moving budget and specific relocation needs. This important step shouldn’t be rushed because it will play a major role in determining just how successful your move will be in the end. Request in-house binding estimates from 5 movers and compare carefully their rates and conditions before making your final decision.

Research your selected moving company

Once you’ve chosen a moving company, it’s time to dig a bit deeper and see if you will find anything that may change your mind. Make sure your movers are properly licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation (check their USDOT number) and that they have a positive online reputation – that is, positive reviews left by other customers just like yourself. And, above all, follow your instincts when you’re ready to pick up the winner.

Create a moving binder

Undoubtedly, your move will generate a lot of documentation – inventories, checklists, your moving contract (Bill of Lading), records, notes, receipts, etc. That is why it is essential that you keep everything in one neatly organized place – create a moving file to store safely all of the important documents in connection to your relocation.

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