Why are some things more difficult to move than others?

However focused and organized a person you may be, moving across county remains a tedious and difficult process for a number of reasons. Many of them are, of course, related to the time-consuming and nerve-racking plans and preparations required for a successful relocation but the tougher problems actually arise from the psychological aspect of the moving process.


Leaving your cozy home, saying goodbye to favorite places and close friends, parting with your old life and venturing into the unknown presents the real challenge when you are faced with an imminent move. And it is only logical to be so – if your approach is strategic and careful enough you will be able to move your household items without any major slip-ups but you could never move your convenient neighborhood, your relationships with colleagues, friends and neighbors, your business environment, your impeccable reputation, your reliable health care providers and educational facility or the fun you used to have in your current city. Many things invested with great sentimental value or importance simply cannot be moved either because they belong to your old surroundings or because they are not material items that can be packed in a box and loaded on a moving truck. Your old life is not subject to relocation – you will have to manage a fresh start, once you reach your new home.

All the emotional factors aside, many of your material possessions are also very difficult to move due to their characteristic features.


It is a particular challenge to move anything that can be easily shattered to pieces. Great patience and care are required to properly pack and transport your fragile belongings. Glass and chinaware, sensitive electronics and delicate pieces of art top the list of most frequently damaged items during a relocation process. To preserve your cherishes possessions you need to wrap them tightly in bubble wrap or packing paper, arrange them carefully in small sturdy boxes, provide sufficient padding materials to prevent shifting inside, secure the boxes with packing tape and label them “Fragile”, “This side up”, etc. Make sure no heavy items are put over these boxes when being loaded and no movement is possible inside the moving track. You are recommended to purchase special wooden crates for the most valuable ones (heirlooms, delicate artwork, expensive electronics, etc.)


Large and heavy furniture pieces and appliances can be easily dropped and broken, or at least scratched, scuffed or dented when taking them out of your old property and loading them on the moving truck. Sofas and beds, fridges and washing machines are all very cumbersome and extremely difficult to move, as well as bulky musical instruments and sports equipment (pianos and pool tables being the all-time winners). Sharp turns, narrow doors and hallways and steep stairs turn into a labyrinth of nightmares when you need to lift and carry the above-mentioned heavy and oddly-shaped pieces. That is why you are advised to disassemble large furniture as much as possible, to wrap all your bulky items in moving blankets and to use a dolly and furniture pads for taking them out of your old home.


Have in mind that there is a list of non-allowable items that your movers will not agree to move for you and some items that require special permits or extra fees to be imported in certain states. Different states have different regulations regarding the transportation and ownership of specific items, such as guns and ammunition, various hazardous substances and large quantities of alcohol, etc. You need to meet all the requirements and to have the necessary paperwork in order for such special items.

Having your vehicle shipped to another state, registered and insured there, as well as your driver’s license transferred is also among the difficult things you need to take care of when moving across country.


Without a doubt, the greatest challenge of all is to move living beings simply because they may not survive the relocation.

Plants literally have roots in their current surroundings, so moving and transplanting them successfully in your new garden is very tricky. Even house plants in pots can be easily harmed during the transportation and have hard time adapting to the new environment.

Pets also need special treatment when changing homes – shipping them safely across country has its specifics and helping them adjust afterwards requires a lot of time and care. Some of your animal friends have to be relocated together with their homes which makes the process even more difficult (moving an aquarium with fish is more of a magician’s business than mover’s, closely followed by terrariums with reptiles and bird cages).

Some difficult things to move, such as a hot tub or a safe, may not be worth the time, the efforts and the money required for their relocation. Hire professional moving services to facilitate the task and take only the ones you really care for – valuable and irreplaceable items that will help you feel at home in a place where everything will be new and strange for you.

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