How to move a bed cross country?

Beds are one of the most difficult things to move across the country. Their size and weight make them a real challenge to carry them out of the house safely and then load them securely onto the moving vehicle. And, more often than not, they will have to be disassembled during the moving preparation and then re-assembled when the destination is reached. Which means that besides the financial factor of moving a bed across the country, the time factor also plays an important part in the bed moving process.

Looking at your huge bed, you’re probably asking yourself, “How to move my bed cross country so that it survives the relocation in one piece?”. In fact, the way you approach and execute your bed moving challenge will depend on whether you seek professional relocation assistance or choose to move your bed by yourself.

How to move your bed faster and safer

Let’s face it – moving a bed by yourself to another part of the country is a tough task which may turn out to be more challenging than you think. If you don’t have previous experience with moving large furniture pieces, don’t have trustworthy friends one phone call away and time is really pressing you hard, your best option is to hire a reputable moving company. Professional movers relocate bulky and heavyweight furniture on a daily basis so they will be more than qualified to handle your bed effectively by observing all safety regulations.

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to move a bed cross country, then you should weigh in your available options carefully. Believe it or not, relying on professional relocation experts for long distance moves is usually the better choice as far as time, money and peace of mind go. And yet, if your careful calculations say different, here’s how to move your bed on your own.

How to move a bed by yourself

Be mindful that moving your bed out of your home and loading it into the rented moving truck without any help from the pros is not be underestimated. Having strong and reliable helpers is a sure sign that you’re up to the tough moving task. The second undeniable indication that you’re ready to move your bed across the country, together with the rest of your household belongings, is the successful renting of a moving truck of the right size.

Once you’ve fulfilled the two prerequisites above, follow the steps below for easier and safer bed transportation:

  • Remove the bedding from the bed and pack it in an appropriate moving box.
  • Remove the mattress and place it inside a special mattress bag for maximum protection while in transit. If you don’t own such a protective bag, wrap the mattress with long polyethylene sheets or even old blankets, and secure it with rope or tape.
  • Take your reliable hand tools and try to remove as many bed elements as you possibly can in order to facilitate the moving process. If you have trouble figuring out what to do, consult the bed construction manual, call the nearest furniture store for advice or get in touch with a local moving company and ask for some bed disassembling tips.
  • When you’re done breaking apart your bed as far as it can go, protect the larger components (headboard, sideboards, main frame, box spring, etc.) with suitable covers such as old bed sheets, blankets, bubble wrap or just about any other pieces of clothing. Use wrapping paper or bubble wrap to make sure the less bulky bed parts will survive the long distance move.
  • Keep all small connecting parts (bolts, screws, nuts and so on) somewhere safe, preferably inside a re-sealable plastic bag.
  • Make safety your top priority. Before you start taking out the already protected bed elements one by one, discuss with your friends the best ways to do it quickly and safely. Be especially careful when carrying the disassembled bed down the stairs or around tight corners.
  • Once you reach the moving truck and load the bed inside it, secure the elements to the side walls with enough rope. Remember that your goal is to achieve maximum immobility of the bed parts during transportation.

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