What to pack last when moving?

Without a doubt, packing is the most time-consuming and boring task when organizing your move. It takes hours and hours just to sort through your belongings and decide what to do with them. And then it takes nothing short of a Herculean effort to actually fit all the possessions you are going to bring to your new home in moving boxes and secure them properly in order to avoid damage during the move. However, you can find many packing tips and checklists to help you complete the process quickly and efficiently. But what if you happen to need an item that has already been placed on the bottom of a moving box long ago, when you started packing because it seemed to be one of the things you rarely used and the tips wisely advised you to first pack the items you don’t need on a regular basis? What if you need to remove a door, for example, because your furniture won’t fit through it but you have already properly wrapped and packed all your tools. And what are you going to clean the floors with after your movers have taken all your household items out if you have already packed your vacuum cleaner and all your brooms and mops? Having to dig back in the boxes you spent so much time packing will probably throw you into a fit of anger.

So, when packing your items, you need to think not only about how to finish the process in a speedy manner and how to prevent damage to your possessions, but also about how to organize your items, so that you have an easy access to anything you might need. You probably have already found information about where to begin the packing process and what items to put into your “Open-first box“, etc. Here is a list of what you should pack last when moving.


Of course, you will not pack away your personal ID documents, such as your driver’s license, but remember that you will also need your inventory list, your contract with the moving company and a copy of your rental lease, if any, when moving out. You may have to frequently consult your phone/address book and a map of the new area, so be sure to have these with you on Moving day, too.

Toiletries and medicine

It is obvious that you will need your personal hygiene items and prescription medicines even on the very morning of Moving day (as well as immediately after arriving at your new place) but don’t forget to leave aside some pain and stress relieving medications too, as well as the first-aid kit, because you may badly need some of those things during the strenuous moving procedures.

Basic tools

You just can’t do without a hammer and a screwdriver, together with a couple of nails and screws, a duct tape and, most certainly, a tape measure. Under no circumstance should you part with your pocket knife and a box cutter – their value is beyond measure when moving house. Make sure you have a pair of scissors and a flashlight within easy reach, too.

Connection devices

This refers, of course, to your phone, along with its charger. But remember that some extension cords and batteries may also come very handy, be it to plug in some necessary electric equipment or just to turn your music player on. Actually, it is a good idea to leave your computer (preferably a laptop) unpacked as long as possible – you may need to look for some last minute information.


Obviously, you will have to pack the sheets and blankets you slept in on the morning of Moving day, so reserve an appropriate box for them. You can pack an extra change of clothes, the towels you used till the last moment (make sure they are not damp from your morning shower) and even your toiletries in the same box for convenience.

Comfort providers – snacks, drinks and toys

You will probably order your food during the last couple of days before your move simply because you will not be able to use your kitchen equipment and supplies but even, so you will need at least some eating utensils and disposable cups and dishes. Make sure you have some light snacks and non-perishable food with you, as well as instant drinks, and that you haven’t packed the means necessary to avail of them (a can opener and a pitcher, for example). A bottle opener is a life-saver on Moving day because it will help you wrench your and your movers’ thirst and replenish your energy.

Pet food and toys are also among the last things to pack because your animal friends need your care and their routine.

So do children – if you have kids, make sure their favorite toys and whatever items bring them comfort and joy go last into the moving boxes.

Cleaning materials

Like it or not, you will have to clean your old property before turning the key for one last time. So, don’t pack the cleaning essentials beforehand and provide a sufficient number of trash bags.

When packing, reserve a box or two, as well as several bags, for the items you will need till the last minute. Make sure you have packed separately and can easily find whatever you will need first in your new home – these will be roughly the same things you have packed last.

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