Which are the world’s most ‘livable’ cities?

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s livability survey rates cities in areas such as healthcare, education, stability, culture and environment and infrastructure. The highest score that a city can receive is 100. The Economist Intelligent Unit publishes their report each year. Here are 5 of the cities which scored best for the year 2014.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and the second most populous city in Australia.

The city has a excellent rating for healthcare, education and infrastructure.

The economy is highly diversified, performing well in sectors like finance, manufacturing, IT, education, transportation and logistics and tourism. In fact, Melbourne is a home to some of the largest Australian corporations.

The city hosts many cultural and sports events (like the world-famous Australian Open) yearly, and thus is said to be Australia’s unofficial cultural capital.

Vienna, Austria

Strategically located on the bank of the Danube River, Vienna is the capital of Austria and a significant business center in Europe.

The city is one of the wealthiest metropolises in Europe.

The economy contributes some 25 % of the GNP. Trade, real estate, leasing and business services, tourism and viticulture are some of the most important sectors.

Vienna has established itself as a top location when it comes to education. Actually, nine scientists who have been affiliated to the University of Vienna through teaching or research work have been awarded the Nobel Prize.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is a coastal city located in the province British Columbia.

The city is one of the Canada’s largest industrial centers. Some of the major sectors include software development, biotechnology, aerospace, video game development and animation studios.

The city is also known for being clean and ‘green’. As a matter of fact, Greenpeace, one of the world’s oldest and most successful environmental groups was established in Vancouver.

One of the downsides of living in Vancouver is the unfavorable housing market. The city is said to have ones of the highest home prices in the country.

Helsinki, Finland

Located in southern Finland, Helsinki is the largest city and the capital of Finland.

Today, Helsinki has become a commercial, cultural, and political center of Finland and an important trading center between Europe and Asia.

Actually, 70% of the foreign companies operating in Finland are settled in Helsinki.

One of the great disadvantages of the city is its ‘unfriendly’ climate. Helsinki is one of the coldest cities in the world, it does not receive sunshine for about 51 days during the winter.

However the city has a stable economy, with the Helsinki metro area said to generate around one third of the Finnish GDP. Moreover, the metro are features the largest technology campus among the Nordic countries, including Nokia.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is largest and the most populous city in New Zealand. Actually 30 percent of the country’s population lives in the metropolis.

The city is known for its marvelous scenery, awesome festivals, fine food and wine, and breathtaking outside adventures (Auckland has 265 days of sunshine per year).

Auckland allures with its culture and very friendly people.

The city is the economic capital of the country. Most major international companies are located in the Central Business District and provide some 65 000 jobs.

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