What to do 2-3 days after Moving day?

Continue unpacking

Now that your local move or state to state relocation is over, you’re probably in the middle of unpacking your stuff and arranging your new home entirely to your taste. Undoubtedly, the boxes that you opened first must have been the “open first” boxes filled with absolute essentials for surviving the very first day at your new residence. The three rooms that you’re going to use on a daily bases should be taken care of immediately – the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Once they are furnished, neatly arranged and tidied up, it’s time to continue unpacking the rest of your house or apartment until everything is out of the moving boxes and placed in their new designated places.
Unpacking is a very time-consuming process that can last even longer than packing, so you’re going to need to stay focused, to set up a steady yet comfortable unpacking speed and to avoid procrastination.

Begin acclimatization process

Yes, unpacking could take a long time to finish, so plan to have breaks in the meantime to meet your new neighbors, to take exploratory walks around the unknown city, and especially through your immediate neighborhood. The sooner you get to know the unfamiliar surroundings and get into some kind of a comfortable routine, the faster you’re going to settle into your new life. Also, it’s a great idea to engage in activities that will let you meet new and intriguing people who will share your interests.
Wherever your new life takes you, you should not forget to keep in touch with the persons who matter the most – family members, friends, coworkers, etc. Distance is not a good reason to neglect meaningful relationships.

Let your opinion be known

In case you are happy with the way your moving crew did their job, you may as well contact the moving company they work for and express your content. Your positive feedback will prove beneficial for the moving team who has worked hard to make sure your move is a successful one.
On the other hand, if you’re not satisfied with how your movers handled the relocation as a whole or they did a poor job in any of the relocation stages, then it’s a matter of principle to let the moving company know of your frustration. Be objective and explain exactly why you’re disappointed with the service you received. Most moving companies appreciate feedback, whether it’s positive or negative.

Leave a moving review

This is an important step that you’re advised to take in order to help people who are about to relocate. By rating the services of your moving company, you will send a clear message to the very persons who are in search of experienced and reliable movers. Moreover, if you have any unresolved issues with your moving company, writing a moving review that describes the problem can persuade them to contact you and work out a solution that will be best for both parties. After all, no one likes to have a bad reputation.

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