How to say goodbye to my friends when moving?

However stressful and nerve-racking the process of moving house may be due to the great number of things you have to organize, the various issues to take care of and the difficult tasks to complete, there is one more really tough aspect of every move – saying goodbye to your old friends. You will stay in touch, of course, even if the distance between you is really great – thanks to the modern technologies your friends will be just one phone call or video chat away. And yet, it will never be the same – all the fun and comfort your friends provided will be beyond reach, however hard you try to keep your relationship alive. For better or worse, you are moving to a new stage of your life and saying goodbye is just an acknowledgement of the imminent change in your path. So, the least you can do is find the time and the courage to express your appreciation of the time spent with these special people in your life you call dear friends. After all, you are lucky to have friends who are hard to say goodbye to – knowing reliable and caring people is a gift you should not take for granted.

It usually takes only a minute to say hello to a new acquaintance, but it seems to take forever when you need to say goodbye to a close friend. Allow yourself enough time to part properly with the people who matter to you. Throwing a fare-well party is indeed a chance to see all your friends and have some fun together one more time but it is not a good idea if you want to share your worries and expectations, your hopes and thoughts with the few special people whom you hold dear. Organize a busy and joyful going-away party to say goodbye to colleagues and neighbors but reserve a special farewell for the ones you will really miss a lot.

Define what exactly you are going to miss

If there was a specific activity you really enjoyed doing with a certain person, find time for it before Moving day. Whether you used to play basketball (or any other sport) together, to go fishing, to have a barbecue or to watch movies, just relive the pleasant activity in the pleasant company of a special friend one last time. Use the opportunity to recall all the fun you had together, take photos to immortalize the moment and promise you will meet whenever possible to do the same again.

Don’t forget to visit all your favorite places too – you will probably miss the lively shopping center or the peaceful park near your old home, so go there and enjoy some long private moments in your beloved surroundings. Allow yourself to be sad for all the things you are going to leave behind and then allow the hope of a better future chase the sadness away.

Invest an object with your feelings

  • Make your special friends a special gift – you can compile a photo album reminding you both of happy times and funny moments; you can use a memento to symbolize a special occasion or event; you can select a piece of art, a book, a jewel or any small object that is associated with an experience you shared; you can prepare a package of different items that are meaningful to both of you, or whatever will help to preserve memories and to reveal your feelings;
  • Write a goodbye letter – this is a rare opportunity to collect your memories and thoughts related to a certain person and to share them. Reflect on your friendship, remember funny and sad experiences, touching moments and common dreams. Include a joke, or a cartoon, or a coded message in the end, to make the other person smile and plan for future get-togethers.

Make it fun

  • Invite your friends over – prepare your masterpiece home-made food, provide a variety of favorite snacks and drinks, play the music that all your friends love and let the spirit of festivity in. Dance, make a karaoke contest, tell jokes – laughter and joy should embed happy memories in your and your friends’ minds. You can organize the event about a week before moving day, when all your household items will be still in their place and you will have all the comfort you are used to (you may avail of the opportunity to ask your friends to help you with the actual moving preparations and procedures). Or you may throw an empty-house party, after the moving truck has taken your belongings away – the free space will allow you to “go wild” and you will be able to show your gratitude to the friends who came to help you. Or, if you moved locally, you can plan a house-warming party – this is a good chance to meet all your friends after you have settled in your new place and relax after the exhausting moving process;
  • Turn it into a game – have everyone write a funny memory that involves you; hide a special object in their house and give them a clue on how to find it after a couple of weeks; give them a coded map to your new place; whatever will make you laugh and prompt you to call each other;
  • Send cards and letters – despite the convenience of e-mails, chat programs and other high-tech methods to connect with people regardless of the distance, nothing beats a beautiful card from your new city or an old-fashioned letter written by hand. You can send your friends tangible reminders of the wonderful time you spent together, so go for it!

Saying goodbye to friends when moving does not confine to the several words you pronounce when parting with your old friends – it is a process that is meant to relieve the pain of your separation and to encourage you in your new adventures.


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