How to tell my friends I’m moving away?

Let’s be honest here: who has enough time to do all the tasks in their moving calendars? Personal moving checklists can be great guiding tools throughout the preparation period but it’s Mr. Time that will ultimately determine how many of the included tasks are actually done.

Do you have enough time for all the jobs in your own moving timeline?

The thing is that even if you feel like your Archenemy has the upper hand, there’s something you just ought to do before the move takes you away from the home that has given you shelter, the town or city you’ve come to know so well, and sadly enough – the people you care about so deeply – parents, siblings, and friends. And that important task is to inform your best friends that you’re moving away.

Yes, moving away from the people you love can be one of the toughest and saddest things you will experience when moving house. Therefore, you may find yourself very interested in knowing how you tell your friends about your upcoming move.

What to know before telling your friends you’re moving

Goodbyes are never easy. In reality, some farewells are charged with such intense emotions that they can easily turn out to be heartbreaking in the end. Here’s what you can do to make the separation a bit easier for everyone and to ensure that no hard feelings, if possible, are left behind when you do close the present chapter of your life and move on to what’s awaiting you in your destination.

Are you moving for real?

Be absolutely certain that you’re moving before you break the news to your friends. If you’re not sure yet, wait until Moving day looms over and it seems like there’s no turning back – the move is happening and it will take you away from the people you love and the persons whose company you enjoy so much. It’s true that things can still change in the last minute but if your scheduled move-out date is already knocking on your door and everything goes according to plan, then it’s time to think of the best way to tell your friends you’re moving away.

Otherwise, it can be rather confusing and even a bit awkward to tell your friends you’re about to leave, to say your goodbyes and then, shortly after that, to inform them that you’re staying after all. Wait for the right time to do it, and then just do it.

Don’t keep it a secret

It’s a bad idea to keep your upcoming move a secret from your pals and family – it wouldn’t be fair to them and they’d be right to get mad at you should you choose to enter Stealth Mode. Even if you’re a person who’s not very fond of long goodbyes and prefers to just vanish without a trace, leaving without saying your farewells with the people who do matter in your life would not make things any easier for you. On the contrary, you may find yourself regretting the missed opportunity to see your most favorite human beings on the planet for one last time and actually spend some unforgettable hours with them.

It’s really unfair for your closest friends to learn of your move not from you personally but from someone else. That disrespectful thoughtlessness could actually hurt them. Besides, you may find out later that you had indeed needed their support but you never realized it until after the move.

Figure out who to tell what

Playing it by ear may not prove the best tactical move when you need to tell your best friends you’re moving. If you don’t have a plan of action ready before meeting your pals to let them know of your upcoming relocation, you are likely to get caught in that awkward moment of wanting to share with them more information about the move and at the same time realizing that they don’t need to know every little detail about that transitional period of yours.

Obvious signs of indecision and hesitation could only encourage your pals to press you harder for answers, so make sure you decide upfront

  • who of your buddies you want to meet in person,
  • who of your pals you’d rather inform remotely without meeting them face-to-face, and
  • who of your friends you’d rather let be informed about your household move from other people.

Furthermore, knowing in advance what exactly you will disclose to them is important – depending on how close the friend is,

  • you may want to give all the details without hiding your emotions,
  • you may want to give them only the major bits of information without revealing too much about how you feel,
  • or you may wish to keep it as short as you possibly can.

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How to tell your best friends you’re moving

Now that you’re a bit more prepared to say goodbye to your friends when you’re moving to another home in another state, or maybe even another country, it’s time for some practical tips for telling your friends you’re moving in order to make it easier on everybody, including yourself.

  • The right moment. Once you know for a fact that you’re moving out, there’s no point in putting off informing your pals of the big change ahead of you. Waiting until the last possible moment is not a good idea either, for that will give them less time to get accustomed to the idea that you’ll be gone soon.
  • The location. This is where you can make the whole farewell affair unforgettable or make it even more miserable that it needs to be. Every relationship is different in some ways, so think about where you and your buddies will feel most comfortable to have a chat and spend some quality time together. Organizing a small farewell party at your own home? Having a candid conversation in a good bar? Having a pleasant walk in the park? Enjoying together a game of pool or bowling before you move away? The choice is yours.
  • The right approach. Your instincts will help you figure out the best way to tell your friends you’re moving – will you meet them individually or should you just group them together and break the news only once? The time you have at your disposal and the mental state you’re in will also help you decide how to proceed. Well-timed posts on your favorite social media network (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) is another way to reach out to the friends you’re not meeting face to face.
  • The keep-in-touch promise. Reassure your best friends that you’ll stay in touch, or at least try to. At first, the thought of letting somebody go away can be truly scary but thanks to the amazing technological advances, now it’s easier than ever to keep in touch with your good friends and dear family members. As long as you have access to the Internet, video conferencing and chatting are just a few clicks away and they won’t cost you a dime. Staying in touch through social media platforms can be a lot of fun, and e-mailing is still a great option to shorten the distance between you. If you’re looking for something truly special, then you should know that traditional letters and postcards can really touch whoever’s on the receiving end.

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