What things should I know about the new city before my move?  

Are you about to move to a land far far away? You are excited and a bit scared of the future? Well, to fight the fear of unknown, find as many information about the new place as you can. Here are the 5 most important aspects you need to consider.

Weather and other geographical peculiarities

If you are not familiar with the weather in the area you are moving to, research a little bit about the climate. The northwestern states are not for you if you love sunshine. You should avoid southern states in case you like snow and the winter holidays. State in-between offer moderate climates. Mind that some areas are prone to floods, tornadoes, avalanches or droughts.

Living costs

Each region has its distinct economy. For example, New York City is known for its high living costs, especially Manhattan. On the other hand, Atlanta has established itself as an affordable city. Before moving to your new habitat, check how prices are. There are not few online calculators that can help you compare different cities based on prices of different goods and services. Do not forget to check taxes.

Job market

Even if you have nailed a job, you should explore the job market in your new city. You need a backup plan in case you are moving for a job. Look for cities with good job prospects. You can find out a lot information online, including on the official websites of the cities themselves. Scout out job listings on local media sites. Compare salaries as well.

Real estate market

Check how real estate prices in the new area are. Research how the market has performed over the last few years and, even more, try to find out some forecast. Know that housing market can rapidly fluctuate. Consider renting at first, to ensure that you won’t regret your purchase later. No matter how much you read about the different neighborhoods, only after you ‘feel’ them, you will know them completely.


Each city has its own vibe. What is the etiquette in the new area like? You should dig into the local culture, especially if you are moving to another country. Find out more about the customs and the ethics. You may have to cope with culture shock, so the more you know about the society, the faster you can adapt to the new culture.

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