How To Help My Elderly Parents Downsize?

Elderly people like the routine as much as young children. The safety and the comfort of their familiar surroundings; the habits set throughout the long years; the various possessions accumulated over time – these are all powerful emotional factors that make seniors very attached to their reliable cozy old home. Add some friendly neighbors and it becomes almost impossible to convince them to downsize and move closer to you.

Unfortunately, with every passing year it becomes more and more obvious that your elderly parents cannot and should not keep living in a large house far away. They do not have the strength and the energy to maintain the household, neither the good health to live independently at a distance that makes it difficult for you to visit often and help them in person. And here comes the moment when the exhausting and nerve-racking process of their relocation begins.

Stage 1: Discussion

You must convince your parents that moving house and downsizing is their best option. Point out the various positive aspects of moving closer to you:

  • You will be able to visit on a weekly basis and spend more time with them because you will not lose so many hours on the road;
  • You will be able to react immediately if they get sick or something bad happens – you will be there to help them in no time;
  • They will meet new people and will have a chance to make new friends;
  • You know this charming club where other friendly elderly people often get together and have fun and you will help them become members;
  • You have reliable information about all the good doctors in your city and will be able to arrange for professional health care for your elderly parents;
  • They will not have to maintain a large property which is very time-consuming and exhausting;
  • If they still protest, play your trump card – they will be able to see their grandchildren much more often!

At least a couple of these should work for you! You will be able to help your elderly parents to move to a smaller house nearby in order to improve the quality of their life.

Stage 2: Moving preparations and planning

Once your elderly parents agree, you should start the moving preparations. This is no piece of cake! Seniors will not want to part with any of their sentimental memories but their new place will be smaller and will not hold so many possessions. Besides, relocating so much stuff will cost a great amount of money and time. So, be very delicate when sorting the household items and come with an effective strategy. Do not discard objects of real sentimental value. Organize everything so that your parents can preserve their most precious items and take some cherished possessions in their own home. Arrange for other relatives or close friends to keep meaningful belongings too. Explain to your parents that every sold piece will bring extra money for future conveniences and every donated item will benefit another human being.

You are advised to hire a professional company that specializes in moving seniors to deal with all the time-consuming and tedious processes. Many reputable cross country moving companies offer full packing options, and that is definitely your best option because your parents will not have the energy and the focus to do things on their own and you will not be able to spare the time necessary for the complicated preparations.

Book the moving services as early as possible to cut expenses and be flexible as to the exact date of Moving day. It is always cheaper and easier to avoid the moving peak season.  Also, do not forget to ask for senior moving cost discounts.

Make sure you transfer prescription medicines on time, file a change of address with the Post Office and other essential moving tasks.

Stage 3: Settling in

Once your elderly parents have arrived in their new place of residence, spare a few days to help them feel at home. Help them unpack quickly and put everything in order, preferably in a way similar to what they had in their old house. They will feel comfortable to be able to rely on their belongings and their smaller home will become their cozy haven.

Then, take them out for a walk. Explore the neighborhood together. Show them the most important places like post offices and medical centers, but do not forget pleasant parks and farm markets where they can meet interesting people.

Introduce them to the neighbors, maybe even throw a welcoming party. The efforts will be worth it. New friendly relationships will do them a lot of good.

Whatever the situation, do not forget that it is your love and respect for your elderly parents that matters the most and will help them overcome any difficulties! Care well for the people who cared well for you when you were still a youngling!

Help seniors to move by carefully planning and organizing a stress-free relocation to an easier and safer life!

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