Why do people move abroad?

As the world has become more open in terms of travel options and relocation possibilities during the last several decades, people have become more open-minded and more eager to explore new opportunities, to delve into different cultures and different lifestyles, to brave the unfamiliar and to broaden their horizons. This passion for knowledge, freedom, adventures and self-discovery has been taking more and more people out of their comfort zones and leading them to faraway places and international destinations in pursuit of their dreams.

Whether you are among the enthusiasts who are looking for new perspectives and new experiences, or you are just wishing for more affordable cost of living, nicer weather or a friendlier community, moving to a new country may be the perfect solution for you. But why move abroad and not just to another state or a new city? You will probably recognize your own motivation to go overseas among the following fundamental reasons to move abroad that have inspired millions of people to leave their countries of birth and find a new home in another part of the world.

Moving abroad for work

Oftentimes, better career opportunities in foreign countries have motivated people dissatisfied with their current jobs and/or their monthly incomes to move abroad. Some of them have been recruited by foreign employers, while others have started businesses of their own in their new countries. Besides, employees are sometimes required to relocate to a foreign branch of the company they are working for, or can be sent abroad with a specific long-term assignment, etc., so migration for work is quite a common phenomenon in our globalized world.

So, if you are aware that the job market in your country doesn’t support your ambitions, or if you feel restricted by the lack of prospects in your field of expertise, don’t forget that quitting your job and moving abroad is a viable option. You will certainly be able to find a lucrative position in a country where your work skills are in high demand and will be rightfully appreciated. All you need to do is accept the challenge, research your options, and make the giant step that will take you overseas.

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Moving for lower cost of living

The cost of living in your area is one of the key factors determining your financial situation – even if you have a well-paid job, you may experience financial difficulties when the costs of utilities, housing, transportation, food, medical care, insurance, taxes and other relevant amenities are too high. So, moving to a country with low cost of living has turned out to be the most efficient solution for a great number of people, especially when it comes to affordable retirement.

Taking into account all of the above, it is easy to understand why so many people have chosen to migrate in search of a more affordable lifestyle in a nation where the economy is stable, the housing options are abundant, the taxes are lower, and the prices of everyday essentials are cheaper. Not only will it be easier to provide for your family in such a low-cost environment, but the reduced financial burden will also inevitably result in reduced stress levels and a happier life abroad.

Moving abroad for a better life

If you feel really tired of your lifestyle and your surroundings, if you have had enough of the politics, the social norms, or the public attitudes in your country, or if you just can’t take any more of the annoying weather conditions typical for your area, maybe the right time to move out has come. However, you will probably want to move to a safe and peaceful place with year-round mild climate, where you will have the chance to meet interesting people, to enjoy fun activities you could never afford before, to get familiar with different cultural practices and rich traditions, etc. In this case, moving across the ocean is your best bet as it will provide you with plenty of unique opportunities to improve your life in terms of safety, emotional and physical well-being, social activities, and peace of mind. Just research your options abroad and find a country with:

  • high quality medical care to ensure your good health;
  • clean air, water, and food to be able to “return to the nature” and live in a healthy and eco-friendly environment;
  • nice weather, so that you can enjoy various outdoor pursuits and pleasant living conditions;
  • low crime rate to feel safe and at ease;
  • friendly people you can trust and have fun with.

Moving abroad to study

Your academic pursuits may take you to another country that provides greater educational opportunities in your specific area of interest – Asian countries boast unique cultures and remarkable scientific progress, Europe is renowned as a world center of arts, philosophy and music, etc. So, you have a great choice of worthy destinations that will give a considerable boost to your academic or artistic development. Moving to the UK (learn more), for example, will allow you to study in prestigious universities such as Oxford or Cambridge, moving to Italy will take you to the cradle of western civilization, while moving to France will let you explore great cultural traditions and contemporary art trends, etc. Besides, you will become fluent in the local language and will learn to appreciate diversity in people, cultures, states of mind, and possibilities in life. Studying abroad will also provide you a better chance of finding a good job in the respective country, of course.

Moving abroad for love

You may want to move abroad in order to be with the person who matters the most in your life:

  • Your spouse/partner may need to relocate for any of the above reasons, leaving you little choice but to follow his/her steps abroad in order to preserve your relationship and to build your future together. Have in mind that whatever the reason for their relocation, many expat families say that moving abroad has brought them closer together and made them stronger;
  • You may move abroad in pursuit of your true love. You may have met the person you believe to be your better half over the Internet, or during a trip to his/her country, or during an exchange program, etc. – what matters here is that the great distance between you prevents you from being happy, so you may decide to follow your heart and move overseas.

Moving to expand your own horizons

As already mentioned, moving abroad is mind-opening. Stepping out of their comfort zones and experiencing new cultures, new points of view, and new social practices always makes people look at life with a different perspective. When you move to a new country, your knowledge of the world will expand immensely and every single challenge you face will help you grow, define your values, and discover your true self. You will have a chance to start afresh and to leave old regrets, disappointments and failures behind. And although it may feel overwhelming at times, when you look back, you will be amazed at how much you have achieved and how much you have grown.

There is a whole new world of adventures and opportunities across the ocean – it is worth exploring! Just one final piece of advice – once you have taken the decision to move abroad, be sure to plan and organize your relocation with great care and meticulous attention to the details in order to ensure a smooth and trouble-free transition to your new life in your new country.

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