Is it time to move out?

Moving is an adventure you should set out on when you feel the need for a change and development. If you feel constantly dissatisfied with your everyday life, your job, your surroundings and the people around you, or if you get angry and upset too often and for no good reasons, this probably means that your current way of life is not the right one for you. Feeling suffocated or just disappointed is a clear sign that you need to move on with your life.

When is the right time to move house? Nobody can tell you the right answer but some clues clearly point in that direction.

Looking for new opportunities

Underachieving in your sphere of work

If you know that your skills and your potentials are greater than what you are showing at work, if you feel underestimated or just have never been given the opportunity to reveal your talents, you’d better start looking for a new job. Research the job market in places where your professional sphere will thrive and apply for a position that looks promising. You have nothing to lose – give it a try and analyze the results. If you receive an offer that you think will really work for you – just pack your bags and hit the road.

Having no chance of self-improvement

If you feel stuck – not only in your professional development, but in many other aspects of your life too, it is a good time to search for new opportunities. If you always wanted to learn to play golf, for example, but there are no golf links in the vicinity of your current city, or if you intended to improve your actor skills but there are no available classes, or no handicraft school, or no observatory, or whatever you are interested in and want to learn, practise or just enjoy, you can up and go to a different place where you will be encouraged to develop and improve your skills and your knowledge.


Being with your better half

If you have found true love and feel like life is only meaningful when you are together, it’s time to overcome your fears and move in with your partner. Move to a more comfortable home in your current city or some place across the country where the skies seem brighter for both of you.

If you have no special other and time is dragging away while you find yourself alone in your place feeling sorry for yourself, maybe you should consider relocating to a new place where you will have the chance to meet your dream partner.

It is a full/empty house

If your family grew in numbers and there is not sufficient room for everyone to feel comfortable and cozy, or to enjoy their privacy, you may need a bigger home. Do not be too scared to move – relocation to a larger house will provide enough space for play, study and work, as well as for the pet your kids keep whimpering about and for the charming garden you always wanted.

However, if your children have left the family nest in pursuit of their own happiness and your wonderful family home has suddenly become a lonely maze of empty rooms, you’d better downsize to a place that will be cheaper and easier to maintain.

Fresh air

You may need fresh air, both literally and figuratively, for several significant reasons:

Annoying climate

If you just can’t take any more constant heat or freezing cold for six months in a row, maybe it’s time to move to a state with a more favorable climate. Whether you have always dreamed of dancing snowflakes or you are just dying to take regular sunbaths on the beach – take out the map and find the right place for you!

Your golden years

In case you have already retired and feel really tired of your lifestyle and your surroundings, you can accept the challenge of moving to a peaceful place with mild climate and good medical care, where you will still have the chance to meet new people, to enjoy activities you could never afford before, etc.

The atmosphere is not right

Not that the temperatures are disagreeable, it is the surroundings that get to your nerves:

  • Sense of adventure – you need excitement, new ideas, challenging situations but your current lifestyle feels like a well-oiled mechanism that never faults and never changes;
  • Dream come true – you have always loved a specific city or dreamed of something that is far, far away. Just go there and get it!
  • Depression – for no obvious reasons you feel upset all the time and there is no light to be seen at the end of this tunnel. So, it’s time to find a new one.

People are different and their reasons to move are different, but if any of the above signs apply to you, give the relocation idea a second thought –happiness is often just one move away.

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