Where can I sell my used furniture?

While getting ready for your move, you may come to the conclusion that it will be more beneficial to sell some of your old furniture (the pieces that you don’t really use or the ones that you never liked) and use the money from the sale to either purchase new one when you move into your new home or to cover some of the inevitable moving expenses. After all, furniture is heavy and its transportation is never cheap.

Here’s where you can sell the used furniture that you think it’s not worth relocating to your new residence:

  • Moving sale: regardless of whether you call it a moving sale, a yard sale or a garage sale, you’re going to have to advertise it so that more people learn of its existence, and therefore attend it. Placing an ad in your local newspaper, erecting signs at appropriate places throughout your neighborhood and informing your circle of good friends through your preferable social network are three great advertising media that will jumpstart the sale of your used furniture.
  • Online sale: why don’t you harness the mighty potential of the Internet and bring your furniture sale to a successful end? Specialized websites like eBay and Craigslist will provide the large audience of potential buyers that you need but it’s entirely up to you to distinguish yourself from the rest of the sellers by creating an attractive ad with good photographs and a comprehensive description.
  • Used furniture dealer: if you’re in a hurry to get rid of your old furniture, you can contact a used furniture dealer or a consignment store but get ready to settle for a less profitable deal.

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