Why should you request the mover’s tariff?

The mover’s tariff contains rates, rules and regulations. Movers are by law required to furnish a tariff, which must contain an accurate description of company’s services, the specific applicable charges and service terms for the services that the mover offer.

You should acquaint yourself with those rules in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises on moving day. Knowing what additional charges may apply will help you plan your moving budget. The mover’s tariff contains all rates on accessorial services such as packing, storage, stairs, long carry, fuel surcharge etc.


Generally, after reaching movers for a quote, you will receive an estimate for the shipping of your items, but, most probably packing won’t be included in the price as a service. If you’d like to have your household items packed by professionals, you will be charged additionally. Some movers can make you a discount and provide some packing materials free of charge. However, mind that this is an accessorial service and is billed upon mover’s tariff.


Another service that is charged additionally is storage. If you need to store some part or all of your items for a limited time in a facility for some reason, most movers can arrange it for you, but at a certain price. So, it is wise to acquaint yourself what the storage related costs will be.


If movers will have to carry your stuff up and down the stairs, that will increase your moving bill.


Whereas, some companies may not charge you the “elevator fee” if you have reserved the elevator for the move with the building management, others may charge you $70-$100.

Long Carry

If movers cannot unload the truck at a certain distance near to your residence entrance, you will be charged a long carry fee – about $90-$120 for every 75 feet. It is recommended to check whether movers will be able to park near your doorstep. Also, arrange a parking permit if it is needed.


Other potential moving related fees and costs may include a cancellation fee, charge for handling bulky items, a charge for extra (multiple) stops, travel fee, hoisting, express delivery and fuel surcharge.

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