How to Make a Moving Checklist

You can use your mobile phone, or use a printed checklist, make it as you like the most. Just ensure that you won’t miss arranging any moving related job, such as notifying utilities, government offices, personal service providers, or any magazines that you are currently subscribed for. Include any task that you need to finish prior to the move!

First, start with making a comprehensive inventory. You can search for a template on the Internet. Describe the content of each box. Write down the name of each object in the box and its current condition. You can make different sheet of paper for each room.

Pay special attention to items of great value and the fragile ones.

You can make a separate list with all expensive items. While writing each one down on the list, include the current market value. Upon booking a moving company, you can send the company this list of high-value items, so movers can offer you a comprehensive insurance during the move of those items.

You can as well include all the items that you won’t transport to the new location. You can basically group them in two categories – one of the categories will include items that you consider donating or selling, and the other will include all broken stuff that will go to garbage.

A very convenient way to make a moving checklist is to use a mobile app. That way you will keep everything at hand. Moreover, there a lot of mobile applications with already pre-filled tasks to do prior to the move.

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