Should I sell my furniture before moving out?

If you are excited about the idea that moving out will provide you with the opportunity to create the atmosphere you always imagined, to furnish and decorate your new home so that it reflects your own feelings and dreams, the obvious solution is to sell your worn out furniture and select new items that match your style perfectly. Besides, you will spare yourself the laborious task of moving heavy furniture around with the risk of damaging it. Instead of paying high transportation costs, you can actually earn some of the money you are going to spend on new furniture pieces, by selling the old ones. However, in order to gain maximum profit from the situation, you need to act smartly.

Determine the right price

Get a correct idea of how much your furniture is worth. The value of every item is influenced by its brand (manufacturer), the demand for this type of furniture, the price of similar items on the market and above all, its current condition. Regardless of the amount you paid for a certain piece, you may not be able to sell it to your advantage, especially if it is damaged. Have in mind that any signs of wear, scratches, stains and the like will significantly diminish the value of your furniture. Worn out or faded colors also do not favor you. So, consider cleaning and restoring any expensive furniture pieces before trying to sell them, because their good looks will bring you a lot of money.

Find the best way to sell your used furniture

There are several options that will allow you to sell old furniture fast and profitably.

  • The most common approach is to organize a yard sale. This is an easy and effective method, provided that you have enough time. You can take advantage of the occasion and display various other household items you will not need anymore as well. However, make sure to properly advertise your moving sale. Put an advertisement in a local newspaper, announce it in the social networks, create large catchy signs and put them on strategic places around the neighborhood.
  • Another very convenient option is to sell your used furniture online. This saves a lot of time, but remember to create attractive online ads by adding several pictures of every item and providing detailed and objective descriptions.
  • If you are in a hurry, contact a used furniture dealer, but in such case you will have to settle for a lower price.
  • You may also consider selling your furniture to family and friends but this way you will not make good money out of it for obvious reasons. Especially if it comes to items of sentimental value, maybe you’d better just entrust them to your relatives or close friends.
  • Donating to charity may help you with taxes and will bring you the satisfaction of aiding others.

All the above taken into account, if you feel somehow emotionally attached to a specific piece of furniture, do not risk losing the comfort it will bring in your new unfamiliar surroundings. If you used to sit on the rocking chair when trying to put your baby to sleep and you feel uneasy about giving it away, just take the chair with you and cherish your memories.

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