Are there apps like Uber for moving house?

By now, there’s a high probability that you have used Uber at least once in the last few years. But even if you haven’t had the chance to take advantage of the ultra-useful transportation service, you must have at least heard about this simple yet progressive idea – TAP A BUTTON, GET A RIDE.

The success story of Uber feels like a fairy tale with a happy end, and only the foreseeable future will tell whether that radical idea has what it takes to become a timeless classic. Yet, for the time being, you may find yourself faced with a fast approaching house move, and consequently – in dire need of a good transportation solution.

And so, the inquiry about whether there are apps like Uber for moving furniture becomes more than just topical – it becomes a burning question whose satisfactory answer can give you the cost savings, pre-move organization, and peace of mind you are desperately looking for.

Luckily, you have a few great options when it comes to defeating the notorious relocation chaos with impeccable mobile app-assisted organization. Here are the top 5 moving apps like Uber to help you have an affordable and stress-free residential move:

1. MoveAdvisor

MoveAdvisor is a new moving app that promises to make your move easier, and, luckily, it does keep its promise throughout the entire relocation process. This complete move organization package is not the typical uber-like app you may be expecting, but its sleek design, unrivaled functionalities, and unquestionable practicality are the reasons it has earned our prestigious top spot.

Amazingly, for the price of zero dollars (yes, MoveAdvisor is 100% free to download, install and use), you get 3 relocation tools that work together to save you time, money, and of course – the infamous stress.

  • Home Inventory is all about creating a digital map of your entire home with the purpose of knowing exactly what it is that you need to have transported to your new home. You can easily e-mail the completed house inventory to various moving companies in order to get accurate price estimates.
  • Moving Timeline gives you a super-detailed week-by-week checklist and transforms it into the calendar tool you need by placing you in the driver’s seat. With 45 essential pre-set tasks to take care of, you get to mark moving jobs as completed, delete the non-relevant ones, set handy reminders and take important notes to organize your pre-move time like never before.
  • Movers around you is the tool that makes MoveAdvisor uber for moving stuff. You tap a single button and suddenly you see the best rated moving companies around you – experienced, licensed and insured local movers ready to move your household goods across town, to a nearby city or across the country on a long distance move. Also, a few more buttons will let you request price quotes from the movers you have already researched with the help of customer moving reviews.

Visit MoveAdvisor’s official website to learn more about our top moving app like uber.

Official website ; Get MoveAdvisor: Apple AppStore ; Google Play

2. Dolly

Promoted as “Your Move Anything App”, Dolly is an excellent choice if you need moving services badly after having failed, for one reason or another, to secure the friendly help of any of your good and trusted pals. With a bunch of things such as packed boxes, furniture, appliances, etc. waiting to be loaded, hauled and delivered to their destination, qualified and reliable moving assistance is just a dolly away.

Similarly to most of the uber like moving apps out there, it’s refreshingly easy to use Dolly. Firstly, you post a Dolly in order to get an accurate quote by counting the total number of items that you need to be moved. In this particular case, an item is defined as a collection of things that will require a single trip to the moving vehicle. For example, one big box and three much smaller ones can both be counted as one item.

Secondly, after you agree to the terms of the received quote (understand the price), you get linked to a reliable truck owner/helper who, according to Dolly, has been background-checked. And thirdly, one of the best things about using a moving app like uber is that you pay for the moving service in advance through the app itself. As a result, you don’t have to deal with cash at all, and you won’t have to go through awkward payment negotiations with your helper either.

Currently, Dolly services 5 major cities /Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City, San Diego, and Seattle/. Visit Dolly’s official website to learn more.

Official website ; Get Dolly: Apple AppStore ; Google Play

3. Ghostruck

Ghostruck comes third in our list of mobile applications that offers uber for moving services. The team behind this particular app promises to make moving scary simple – an ambitious promise that they seem to keep. All you need to do is enter you move details such as the move type /item delivery, home/apartment, donate, dispose/, addresses of pick-up and delivery locations, and then you just add photos, quantity and brief descriptions of the things you need to be moved.

How much you will pay to have experts do the moving job for you will depend on the size and number of your items, the move distance and the exact time you want the move to be completed. In any case, you are promised to get a fixed price, not an estimate.  And, if that offered price fits comfortably in your budget, then you simply book the move and wait for professional household goods movers to handle the rest.

In order to provide you with a fixed price, this uber moving help app relies heavily on photos of the stuff you have for moving, so make sure you have a dedicated digital camera or just use the camera on your smartphone. Currently, Ghostruck services Seattle, with limited service available in Boston, Atlanta, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Miami, Austin, Sacramento, San Diego, and Portland. Visit Ghostruck’s official website to learn more.

Official website ; Get Ghostruck: Apple AppStore ; Google Play

4. Wagon

Similar to Dolly and Ghostruck, Wagon is another uber for moving things app that serves as an information distributor between reliable background-checked people with trucks and people who are in need of a truck. And as such, you’re required to enter your pickup and drop off locations, and of course – all the items that you want to be safely moved to their destination. And then, once you enter you move details, the app for moving help will get you connected with a trustworthy driver with an approved truck to work out the details.

It’s interesting to note that Wagon takes a very simplified and quite transparent approach to pricing – 15! That’s right – the price is $15 every 15 minutes (billed in 15 min increments) with a minimum of 30 minutes. The clock starts ticking away the moment the appointed drives arrives at your door and stops when whatever it is that you’re moving is successfully delivered.

As far as coverage areas go, Wagon currently services Seattle, Portland, and Phoenix, with strong ambitions to expand to other major U.S. cities as fast as possible. Visit Wagon’s official website to learn more.

Official website ; Get Wagon: Apple AppStore ; Google Play

5. MyMove

Last but surely not least, here comes MyMove – the uber-like app for moving help that feels much more than an application designed to get you in touch with reputable movers. In reality, the main idea behind MyMove is to help you organize and execute a partial or full-service residential move from scratch.

Helping you find a great professional mover in your area is something that MyMove excels at. This move planner app lets you read the latest moving reviews and ratings of properly licensed and adequately insured moving companies with the purpose of helping you make the right choice.

And once you’ve set your eyes on a few local or nationwide movers with excellent online reputation, a few taps is all you need to request free price quotes from them.

To properly organize your time is extremely important for the success of your moving project, no matter how small or big it is. This is why, MyMove has a built-in moving calendar that features a week-by-week checklist with the major pre-move tasks you are expected to complete before you moving day. Additionally, all you need is to tap once to get access to a first class database of moving tips, guides and checklists simply because, you know, knowledge is power.

Visit MyMove’s official website to learn more about this useful moving app.

Official website ; Get MyMove: Apple AppStore ; Google Play

Moving an entire home to another residence, or even moving furniture to another place, has proven, again and again, to be something a single person can’t possible handle one their own. And this is why moving apps like uber are becoming more and more popular by the day.

Besides the list of uber like moving apps above, here are other mobile applications that are worth mentioning and which you might find useful while looking for transportation solutions:

  • Lugg (The San Francisco Bay Area)
  • Buddytruk (Los Angeles, Orange County, Austin, Chicago)
  • FleetZen (Greater Seattle area)
  • LugIt (Phoenix)

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