Help! What to do if my furniture won’t fit through the door?

Are you about to move to another home? If so, then it’s only fair that you know one thing – moving is a funny thing. Even a well-organized house move can find a way or two to surprise you and test your creativity and resourcefulness to cope with unexpected move related challenges.

Hopefully, you won’t have to face one moderately interesting but difficult puzzle when you have chosen to move your oversized furniture pieces from one home to another without professional assistance. You initiate the relocation process and all of a sudden – Bam! – you realize that your sofa or your couch or your table won’t fit through the door. Oops!

Regardless of whether you’re moving out of your soon-to-be old home, or you’re moving into your new residence, if one of your furniture pieces won’t make it through one of the doorways, then you have yourself a problem. And sometimes, it’s a very serious problem, especially if you just bought a furniture piece that was too expensive to begin with.

Do not despair! You may not realize it, but you do have good options to solve that moving day puzzle. Stop asking yourself, “Will my furniture fit through the door?”, but follow these proven steps to prevent strong headaches during the most chaotic day of your house relocation.

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1. Measure your furniture

Even if you wished it weren’t so, the size of your furniture pieces does matter and it alone can make your moving day miserable if you fail to do your homework right. Take out your measuring tape, a piece of paper and a pen, and get down to work out the dimensions of your items. The exact height, width, and length of a piece will determine your next steps in solving this unpleasant and usually unexpected issue when you’re moving out of a place or moving into a new home.

2. Measure the door ways and hallways

Now, the moment you are familiar with the precise dimensions of your furniture pieces which you suspect might cause a problem or two, it’s time to measure the door ways and the corridors of the intended paths in or out of the home. Sometimes stairwells also tend to be problematic, especially the ones in older buildings. And what about elevator doors?

It seems like you and your loyal measuring tape will have a busy day. So, what did your friendly measuring tool tell you? Will you have to play it rough or not?

3. Look at the problem from another angle

Sometimes your eyes can trick you into thinking that a furniture piece will not go through a doorway unless you disassemble it, but that is not always the case. The first technique to try here is to turn the pieces vertically or try out different angles while you’re maneuvering the items with extra caution around your doorway. Various angles can really make a huge difference when you’re attempting to move oversized furniture through smaller openings. Just make sure your movements are slow and precise to avoid costly property damage.

Speaking of preventing damage of any kind, including personal injuries, learn how to move heavy furniture by yourself in the safest way possible. The thing is, before finding good door-fitting solutions, your oversized pieces of furniture will need to reach your doorways or hallways in the first place, right?

4. Squeeze your way in or out

What to do if your sofa won’t fit through the door? Remember that sofas and couches have soft sides which can often squeeze through openings that are just a tiny bit smaller than the overall size of your furniture items. If you happen to need just a few extra inches, then use the right angle and compress the upholstered furniture sections to get that extra room to need for safe passage.

5. Disassemble any detachable parts

Despite your genuine efforts to use different exit angles, creative maneuvers, or upholstery squeezing techniques, your large furniture pieces may still not fit through smaller doorways or narrower hallways. In such cases, your next best move is to partially disassemble the oversized pieces. Furniture legs often prove to be a problem, so consider removing those protruding parts, by either unscrewing them or pulling them out safely, to get the breathing room you need. If you’re not sure how to take a part an oversized piece of furniture, consult a specialist.

6. Remove the door (frame)

Sometimes it takes no more than an extra inch to manage to get your furniture to fit through the door. This issue can be solved by removing the door from its hinges, if possible. Believe it not, that can make a difference in tight situations. Another tactical move is to remove a part of the door frame by taking out the tiny nails that hold it in place. However, such an action could lead to property damage so take it in consideration only as a last resource, and only if you know what you’re doing.

7. Avoid bottleneck situations

Even if you’re safely through a door, you may still face a bottleneck point while turning a large piece of furniture around a sharp turn or while maneuvering a bulky piece through narrow hallways or staircases. One of the best tips for moving oversized furniture you can ever get is to first inspect thorough your way out or in, visualize every step of the way, and even if you do get stuck, to remain calm and think of the best solution without hitting the panic button.

Be mindful that raw force is seldom a good solution. Still, if you can’t seem to find any answers to your furniture-will-not-fit question, then you’d better turn to the pros.

8. Get professional assistance

One thing you can be sure of – professionals will know exactly what to do. Experience plays a major role in the moving industry, and there’s a hardly a move-related problem that reputable and experience movers won’t know how to handle. Do you honestly think you’re the only one whose new sofa won’t fit through the door? Or any other big and bulky household item, for that matter.

Even if proper furniture disassembly by moving experts won’t solve an issue, there’s a big chance that your chosen moving company will offer hoisting as an extra service. The act of hoisting furniture through a window or a balcony is very dangerous and should only be done by moving experts with proven experience.

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9. When you’ve run out of good options…

it’s time to just leave that problematic piece of furniture behind. Unless, of course, you refuse to even consider parting with that precious possession of yours, in which case you should review your viable options once more.

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