How to make the most out of the road trip when moving?

The endless moving day is finally over and the moving truck just left your house in the direction of your new life in a new city. One stage of your relocation is over but another one is about to begin shortly. The time has come for you to start the family car, gather your loved ones and follow your household items home. Your new home!

Depending on the nature of your move (local within the same city, local within the same state or long-distance across the country), your road trip can last from less than an hour to a few days. And with the exception of the vehicle driver who must keep his or her attention solely on the road, the rest of the passengers may soon find out that staring through the car windows is no longer any fun after 30 minutes or so. So, the inevitable question of how to shorten the road trip when moving remains wide open.

Play games

Everybody loves games – from babies to retirees. Whenever the word “game” is mentioned, the first association that pops up in people’s heads is “fun, entertainment, laughter”. So, what a better way to kill the boredom than to play a variety of amusing games?

Classical board games are not suitable for playing inside a moving vehicle for obvious reasons, but road trip games surely are.

Team storytelling is a good and creative way to have fun during the trip – one passenger starts narrating a story and after a short paragraph, another person continues the narrative and the story keeps growing and growing until it either reaches a logical conclusion or a dead end.

The license plate game requires a piece of paper, a pen and a keen eyesight – the winner of this game is whoever writes down more different state license plates from the passing cars. Naturally, the person who manages to spot vehicles from all the 50 states will receive a bonus.

Rock, paper and scissors is another entertaining game that is also the quickest way to determine the respectful winners and losers of an unresolved issue. Who’s going to hop out to buy ice cream for everyone in the car? Rock! Who’s going to decide which radio station to tune to? Paper! Whose turn is it to use the family tablet? Scissors!

Visit attractions

You’re probably impatient to reach your new home and start unpacking right away so that your life gets back on track. And while this is perfectly understandable, you may never get a second chance to visit the amazing places you will be driving through and their worthwhile attractions. If you’re moving across the country, there surely will be historic landmarks along the way, and if you can spare the time to take a look at them, do so. The arduous process of unpacking will still be waiting for you when you reach your destination, so you might as well recharge your battery with some positive experiences.

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